One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


18. Dirty Text Messages ;D

Niall: i bought you a new set of lingerie and it says 'if youre irish, fuck me' on the bum. see you tonite, love! ;) xx

Your reply to Niall: niall why the actual fuck do you buy me those every day? are you sure you bought those or you stole them? Harry: baaaabe harry jr wont come down, help me? ;( Your reply to Harry: 'Harry Jr'? Harry, we don't have a son, so no xx Liam: *LOL NO WAY IS LIAM GONNA SEND U HORNY FUCKERS SUM DIRTY ASS MSGS HES WAY TOO INNOCENT FOR ME* Louis: Baby, I need you. Come hereeee x Your reply to Louis: Louis, I'm next door. Stop texting me, just get your lazy bum off that bed and walk, sweet baby Jesus wat is wrong wid u Zayn: lez break some tables tonite, bebz ;) xx Your reply to Zayn: NO I AM NOT GOING TO PAY FOR ANOTHER NEW TABLE NUH UH GO BUY IT YOURSELF
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