One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


13. Dirty Imagine Niall Ft. Harry c;

~The Tittle Says It All~

One hot summer day you and your 2 close friends, Niall and Harry went for a swim in your backyard. Niall, as usual, couldn’t keep his hand out of his pants, and you slapped his arm,
“Niall, you horny freak, get your hand out of your pants and wash it!”
Harry laughed at him as Niall gave him an angry look, and went inside to wash his hands, mumbling under his breath. “Whats up with him today?” you asked Harry. 

“Oh, he woke up this morning with some extra hormones and he fancies you big time” Harry replied, moving across the pool.
You were just about to get in, you were in your favorite bikini and it was quite revealing, but not too much. It was perfect.
“H-he fancies me?” You asked. This made Harry chuckle, “Yeah,” He said, “I mean, who wouldn’t fancy you? You’re gorgeous and amazing, and you have the greatest, sweetest personality.”
Your face turned red at this, and so did Harry’s. Niall came back out with a frown, “Ya happy now?” He shouted in his thick Irish accent.
“Yes I am, because Harry here just told me that you fancy me. Is that true, Niall James Horan?!” You teased as his cheeks turned a deep red. He nervously scratched the back of his head and let out an awkward giggle, “Um…” Was all he could say.
“Come on, Niall, you know you do!” Harry teased, leaning his arms against the side of the pool.
“Shut up, Harry!” Niall yelled with an even redder face. You giggled and walked up to him, “Its okay, Ni, I may fancy you a little bit too…” You gave him a wink and slid into the pool with Harry. Niall’s face lit up and he jumped into the pool, making waves.
“So, Um.. Y/N, you fancy Niall?” Harry asked, looking kinda down.
“Well… Its hard to chose between the both of you. The answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean I dont fancy you too, Harry.” You grinned at him, then splashed him with water. He instantly grinned, showing his cheeky smile and dimples as he splashed you back. Niall came up out of the water from underneath you, throwing you onto his shoulders. You lost balance and fell back into the water, when you got back up you were greeted with a splash from Niall and then climbed onto Harry’s shoulders, “Haha Y/N, You cant get me now!” He rubbed in your face like a child. Harry laughed. You crossed your arms at them and huffed, “Meanies…” and you turned your back to them.
“Aww Y/N, come on! We’re sorry, we’ll be nice from now on” Harry said, throwing Niall off his shoulders. You turned back around with an evil smile and shoved Harry underwater, His shades falling off and drifting away into the water. He gave you a grumpy frown and just stood there.
“Well, what do you want to for fun?” Niall asked, striding towards you.
“It depends,” You said cheekily,
“What do you mean by ‘fun ’ “
Niall looked at Harry with a mental light bulb over his head. Harry had the same idea, “Well… either one, really. Whatever you want, love” He smirked.
You took his response by shock, “What?”
“Yeah,” Niall said, “Its your choice, of what kind of ‘fun’ you want” He swam closer to you.
“Really?” You blushed. “The both of you? At the same time?”
Harry purred “Right here” into your right ear,
“Right now” Niall growled into your left.
Your face grew a deep shade of red as your eyes widened.
“I guess that’s a yes, Niall” Harry winked. Niall picked you up and swam to the corner of the pool in the shallow end, Harry followed. Niall leaned over and nibbled on your ear, then going down your neck with kisses and bites, reaching your hot spots. Harry went underwater and slid down your bottom piece, making you gasp. When he got back out of the water, he moved closer to you and started massaging your clit.
Niall gave you pecks all over your face and your lips, then down your neck and collarbone, then down to your breasts and sucked on your nipples, kneading the opposite breast as he sucked. You let out a soft grunt and bit down on your lip.
Harry went back underwater and you felt a soft pressure on your area. It was Harry moving his lips across you from underneath the water. You squealed behind your closed lips as he slipped out his tongue. Niall took off your top and kneaded your breasts with both hands as Harry did this. Your pleasure rising with each half a minute.
Harry got back up with a gasp for air, shaking his no longer curly locks. You heard him whisper to Niall, “You take the back, I’ll take the front” and Niall nodded before moving towards you, kissing on your neck from behind you. “Hold on tight, princess” He mumbled as he pulled down his swim shorts and slowly slid his length into your backside, a slow steady pace, taking breaks so you could adjust. The pain went away quite fast, especially when Harry decided to start rubbing your clit again, and sliding his long thick fingers inside you, pumping in and out at the same pace as Niall. Soon, he slipped another finger in, kept going, and then a 3rd, until you started to shout at him to get inside you. Harry revealed his massive length to you, giving it a few strokes before sliding it into you, going a beat with Niall, You groaned out in pleasure. With every minute it felt better, two manly voices groaning your name into your ears. Niall’s accent getting thicker, “Awh Fuck, Y/N” He moaned into your ear. Harry squeezed both your ass cheek, making it easier for the both of them to thrust, and more pleasurable for you, “H-Harry!! …Niall!” You called out, clawing into Harrys strong arms. Your walls tightened, and you squeezed yourself around the boys as you all synchronized in an orgasm.
You all released your fluids one after the other, You, Harry, then Niall. They slid themselves out of you and you were all clutching the side of the pool gasping for air. “You should try the arse next time, Harry. Its fun” Niall told him, breathing out his Irish accent.
“Yeah?” Harry breathed heavily, “Maybe I will.”
After you all put your bathing suits back on, you spent a few more minutes in the pool just floating around, relaxing, and catching your breath. When you got out you had a small conversation about what you’ve just experienced and decided not to tell the rest of the boys. You remained friends, but you grew into a relationship with your favorite one (;


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