One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


15. Dirty Imagine; Liam & Zayn

You were clubbing with Liam and Zayn, and dancing to an upbeat bouncing song. Your backside was pressed against Liam’s bulge and Zayn was breathing down your neck, giving you a seductive grin. Liam had one too many to drink and was vulnerable for anything and Zayn, you could tell, was severely horny. Your hands wandered down Zayn’s torso and then you sensually grasped his poking bulge. Zayn aggressively bit down on his lip as he pressed himself against you. Liam was moving his hands up and down your thighs and then grasping your ass. He gave you soft pecks against your neck up to your ear.
Zayn placed a passionate kiss on your lips and moved his tongue in and danced with yours, he bit down gently on your bottom lip and pulled back, placing his warm tongue back into your mouth as Liam sucked hickies on your neck.
Zayn looked over at Liam with a “Okay, lets go” and he grabbed your wrist and dragged you away to the public restroom and locked the doors after Liam. Zayn and Liam ripped their shirts off seductively in unison, giving you a sexy stare the entire time. Zayn came over and set you down on the floor and hovered over you, his hot breath clinging to the skin on your face. He slowly slid your top off and massaged your breasts through your bra. Soon, he unclasped your bra and placed warm kisses on your breasts.
He set you up on your knee’s and you already knew what he wanted you to do so you unbuckled his pants for him and slid them down to his ankles, releasing the massive length he kept hidden. You took it in your hands and placed your mouth on the tip, swirling your tongue around the head and them bobbing your head up and down as you sucked closer to him with every bob of your head until you couldn’t go further. Zayn let out a raspy moan and clutched on the back of your head, careful not to shove you down on his cock or rip your hair out.
Liam felt left out of all the fun so he undressed and bent down behind you and stuck a hand through your tights and rubbed your clit in a circular motion, then switching it up and rubbing downward from your clit all the way down your slit, back up, and repeat. You groaned against Zayn’s length which acted as a vibrate, sending zayn over the top and spilling into your mouth, you released your fluids as you swallowed Zayn’s.
Liam slipped off your pants and underwear and laid you out on the ground and placed his soft, warm lips on your area, leaving delicate kisses on you, soon he started to use his tongue., licking all the way up your slit. Zayn started wanking off to the sound of your moans and watched as Liam swirled his tongue around you. Liam did one last suck on your clit until Zayn nudged him over so he can take a start in this session.
Zayn positioned himself over you and slowly started to thrust inside as you called out. You separated your legs a bit further for more access. Zayn started to move faster and faster, you started feelings more pleasure as he went along, you moaned loudly. Zayn stopped for a moment and told you to turn around and get on your hands and knee’s. You did as you were told and now you’re backside was facing Zayn, he spread your cheeks apart and dug himself back where he was and continued thrusting inside of you. Liam climbed in front of you and took his massive length into your mouth, you sucked and licked the best you could while Zayn was doing this to you. It was enough to have Liam start calling out your name, “Ughh, Y/N. Oh, You’re so good.”
Zayn was biting his lip hard and cocked his head back as he thrusted his whole self into you, hard. You groaned loudly against Liam, and it shook your mouth and Liam’s length, cum spilling into your mouth as you swallowed hard. You licked up the drops you missed the were slipping down Liam’s length. Liam deeply grunted as he started wanking as you tilted your head back. You tightened your walls against Zayn which caused him to grunt, “Uh- Y/N, you’re amazing” he squeezed tightly on your bum as he thrusted. You could feel yourself getting close, “Z-Zayn. I-I’m close..” You muttered out. Zayn thrusted faster and deeper, and your screams were getting louder and louder, until you felt something twitch inside you and you both releasing your fluids and they dripped out on the floor, you letting out a final moan.
Liam was still hard and he felt he didnt get enough so he took you into one of the stalls and placed a protector on the seat before he set you on it for sanitary reasons, and he nibbled your neck and earlobes, massaging your breasts and thighs to get you turned on once again, you prepared yourself for Liam as he thrusted his extra large length into you, thrusting at a smooth pace at first, but slowly going faster and faster as he shut his eyes tight. You let out every grunt you could possibly make at this point. You felt him reach to the pit of your stomach and suddenly you let out a loud scream of pleasure as Liam hit your g-spot. He took it as a good sign and kept hitting that spot over and over,
“L-Liam!!” You yelled, “I- I’m gonna-” you groaned loudly as you both released yourself, the fluids spilling into the toilet.
“Uuh-ohh Y/N, Wow.” Liam let out as he pulled himself out of you. “Oh god, you’re fantastic!” He helped you off the seat and carried you out of the stall to get your clothes. You all got dressed and left the room. Zayn bumped into a janitor, “Hey, Mate, There’s a cleanup in the men’s bathroom.. Thanks man”

The boys drove you home and did another round in your bedroom (;

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