One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


118. Dirty Harry Styles Imagine

You and Harry have been fighting all night. All you wanted to do was go to bed and fix it when you woke up, but Harry kept yelling and yelling and yelling. This all started because you’ve been spending a lot of time with Liam. You keep saying that you and Liam ate just friends but he wont believe you. Liam just found out that his now ex-girlfriend Sophia had been cheating on him and he’s been pretty upset about it. You’re trying to lift his spirits and help him to move on, but Harry thinks otherwise.”(Y/N), I bet Liam is missing you right now, I bet he wants that tight pussy of yours to fuck, but there’s a couple problems with that. One, you being my girlfriend and two, that tight pussy of yours belonging to me! But you just can’t have my dick. You need Liam’s and probably the rest of the band’s dicks but you’re my slut. YOU’RE ALL FUCKING MINE GOT THAT BITCH!!!” He yelled with nothing but pure rage. You couldn’t believe him. It’s fucking 3am and he’s still going on and on about things that aren’t true.”Harry I told you a million times I’m not cheating on you. If I was, I would’ve told you by now so just believe me and let me go to bed.” You whispered in a sleepy tone caused by his yelling and screaming all night long.”You know I think its time for me to show you who’s girlfriend you are,” He said, coming closer to you on the bed.

You were getting scared because when Harry was mad in bed, you would really be taught a lesson. He started to kiss your neck and a small moan came from your mouth.”Baby your gonna get undressed and I want you on all fours on this bed got that?” He whispered standing up and stopping his kissing. You then did what you were told and waited for your punishment to start.”Now somebody’s been really bad!” *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* “NOW LETS SEE WHAT THIS NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL’S PUSSY CAN DO!!” He screamed, spanking you again and again until your ass was pure bright red. You wanted to scream and moan but you knew that talking without permission would be a big mistake. After a few more spankings you noticed he was starting to take his pants and boxers off. All you wanted him to do was fuck the living shit out of you. He slipped into and and started to pound your pussy hard and rough.”TELL ME HOW GOOD I’M FUCKING THIS PUSSY I KNOW YOU WANT TO!” He yelled through clenched teeth.”HOLY FUCKING GOD HARRY YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD AT THIS! NOBODY COULD EVER FUCK MY PUSSY AS GOOD AS YOU! I COULD CUM RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!” You screamed out of intense pleasure. About 20 minutes of many different positions and after you cumming many times Harry finally said those magic words. ”BABY I’M GONNA CUM RIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH AND ALL OVER YOUR FACE I BET YOU WOULD LIKE THAT NOW WOULD YOU?!” He yelled pulling out his cock and cumming all over you. You swallowed what landed in your mouth and layed on his sweaty body.”Baby I know you didn’t cheat on me, I just was in a bad mood and I was so horny I’m so sorry.” He said planting sweet kisses all over your face.”It’s ok. I liked it, but next time you’re horny and you want this again just ask me, don’t make a big argument.” You said finally getting your sleep.

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