One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


20. Dirty c;

Zayn: Zayn was a pace man. Rough and hard on days when he wanted to show you how much he wanted you, needed you, craved you. Slow on days when he wanted you to feel his love,every single inch of it,pulling all the way out before pushing back in excruciatingly slow taking his time to bottom out inside of you.

Liam: Liam liked positions, all kinds. Kinds that required you to be flexible and adventurous. Positions that had you feeling hot in the face when you made eye contact over breakfast the next day, positions you couldn’t even bring yourself to tell your best friend of. But he mastered them as a pro, bending bodies to mold with each others until you were near the point of screaming.

Niall: "I want to use this on you, and I want you to watch- stare into the mirror, there thas’ a good girl." Niall liked toys, rather he liked using them  on you while you watched or liked watching you use them while he stared into your eyes telling you how you were making him feel, leaving opened mouthed kisses down your neck as he toyed with your quivering body.

Louis: Library. Tour Bus. Venue. Restaurant. Park. Beach. Car. Museum. Louis liked it wherever he could get it, and he found with you there were very few places he couldn’t get it. It wasn’t that he didn’t like taking you on your bed or the various rooms in your flat rather he just got turned on quickly when around you and never felt much like waiting to get home to get inside you.

Harry: Harry, with his low voice and slow manner of speaking loved dirty talk, loved watching you react to it. He never much cared for name calling or too much cursing but he loved to saunter up to you at events and whisper in your ear everything he wanted you to do to him and him to do to you. He made promises about how he could make you feel, how deep he wanted to be inside you, how fast he wanted to go. There was a thrill in it for both of you, and it never ceased to amaze him just how wet you could get on his words alone.

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