One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


89. "Diana"

Zayn: "Let me be the one to light a fire inside you." All you could see was darkness. Grey and black and coal. All you could feel was pain and emptiness inside of you. You thought no one would ever love you. The day you met Zayn, something sparked in your life. You started seeing whites and blues and pinks finally. He lit a newfound emotion in you where you felt whole, complete. He was your savior and your angel and your everything. He was the only person who was ever there for you, and the only one who loved you for you. He was the only person who made you smile like never before. You thought he was the sun and you were the moon, and that you'd never meet. But there always comes a time where you both collide and you plan on never falling apart.

Harry: "You'll be saving mine." People think that since Harry Styles has everything in the world -- fame and money --, he has no rights to ever be sad. That's completely wrong and idiotic, though. Behind the comforts of his house, he was a whole different person of what people thought he was. He was sad. Not depressed, but really sad. When you came around, you lifted his spirits up. You made him much happier. He finally saw a light in his life, and reasons to live. Everyone saw those changes, even the media. They noticed his smile was becoming much more real. People think that the boy is the person who gives the girl life again, but that's not always right, and Harry Styles is living proof. Liam: "If I could hold you, swear I'd never put you down." He was always busy, either recording or touring. You were always at work or studying. The only time you had to yourself were weekends, and you had to study for your upcoming tests. Whenever he left for tour, you did whatever you could just to get a single Skype call with him. He often sings you to sleep, which always works even though you're not physically together. He always said that if you two were together, he'd spend the whole day next to you: Cuddling, talking, singing -- doing anything, as long as you two are together. You two are separated by thousands of miles, but the comfort in his voice never left. Niall: "It's only been four months but you've fallen down so fast." Four months since the day of your accident and, even though you were getting better, Niall wasn't. He cried himself to sleep at night sometimes. He couldn't bear the thought of ever losing you. He can't stand being away for tour, so imagine what would happen if you disappeared from his life forever. His eyes were as red as they could be and his nose extremely stuffy. This stuffiness caused him to be nasal, therefore not being able to sing. The doctors always told him that you were getting better, but that wasn't enough for him. The boys always came to your hospital room as well. The day you finally opened your eyes after all those months was the day Niall Horan came back to life. Louis: "I never would mistreat you." This was the promise he made you every single day. He would occasionally come up and wrap his arms around your waist, and whisper those words in your ears. He'd softly kiss your neck or ear. The day of your wedding, this was the last sentence of his vows, "I love you. I can't wait to start waking up next to you everyday. I can't wait to start creating memories with you. I can't wait to have children with you, either. You may be cranky or moody or lazy or random or crazy, but I absolutely love you for it. I'm worse than you anyways. Everything about you is absolutely flawless and perfect. You mean the world to me and I never would mistreat you."
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