One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


30. Date Night .

Harry: Your getting ready for your date with Harry, he never said where you were going but he said to dress semi-formal. You put on your favorite dressy shirt and jeans that look really good on you. You slip on your favorite shoes and have your makeup as perfect as possible and your hair as straight as can be.  You are looking in the mirror when you hear a knock on the door. You look to see Harry with a tulip bouquet in his hand. You let him in and put the flowers in water before leaving. He takes you to his flat and you walk in and he walks you to the living room. You weren’t the most romantic person but you liked it sometimes.  “What are we doing Harry?” You ask him confused. “We are going to watch a movie and eat junk food” He says putting a movie in the player turning down the lights sitting down and cuddling with you. You both watched your favorite movie and made out afterwards.

Liam: Liam had to be the most romantic guy you knew. He would always surprise you with flowers or chocolate and you loved it. He called you last night asking you to go out with him somewhere. He texted you to dress casual so you put on your favorite tank top since it was warm that day and some shorts with your favorite sandals. You left your hair natural and walked outside after Liam texted he was here. You got into his car while he started driving, one hand on the wheel one holding your hand. You arrived at your favorite place, the carnival. You loved it since you were a little girl, always coming here with your family. Liam and you got cotton candy and he won a bunch of mini-games. You ended up at your flat with a big stuffed giraffe, Liam decided to stay with you for a little, but he ended up staying the night because he fell asleep with you while watching Toy Story.

Louis: Louis was always crazy and outgoing but he always knew what you would like. He called you and asked if you wanted to go on a date. You of course said yes and he told you to dress formal. You put on your favorite dress, had your makeup and hair done to perfection. He knocked on the door and you answered while he was stunned by your beauty he couldn’t even form words. He pulled out a bouquet of daisies from behind his back and gave them to you. You took them inside and placed them in water then walked outside and go into his car. He took you to a fabulous restaurant, during dinner he gave you a charm bracelet. He only had one charm which was one with your initial on it. Louis said he would get one every time you two had a great memory so you two could look back on them when you are older. It was possibly the best date ever.

Niall: Niall always knew exactly what you liked for dates. He called the day before asking if you wanted to go out for a date. You of course said yes. He told you to dress casual and to bring a bathing suit. You thought he was just going to take you to the pool and then relax. When you arrived at his house he blindfolded you and wouldn’t let you take it off. It seemed like forever till you got to wherever your date was. He walked you somewhere and took your shoes off for you. You walked and started feeling sand. He lifted your blindfold off and let you look at the scene. You gasped at the small blanket on the ground along with some food to eat. He led you to the blanket and you two ate the sandwiches. He got out chocolate covered apples, your favorite. You had the weirdest obsession with them and had Niall try them one time and he loved them. He fed you a slice of apple and you did the same to him. After finishing the food you took off your shirt and shorts you were wearing and Niall took off his shirt and bottoms revealing his swimming trunks. You ran into the ocean hand in hand, looking at the sunset. Niall and you kissed when the sun met the horizon. When it got really dark you went up on the sand where he laided the blanket down and sat there. He combined your fingers together and kissed your hands that were wrapped together. That night you watched the stars till you fell asleep and Niall took you back to his flat were you both slept next to each other’s you laying your head on his chest his arms wrapped around you protectively. It was the best date and sleep you ever had.

Zayn: The boys loved how romantic Zayn was when you two were together. Zayn always did little things that made your heart melt. He had set up a date with you and he was coming to pick you up at your flat. Zayn came around noon wearing a black beanie with a graphic t-shirt and his jeans. He looked amazing as always and he grabbed your hand walking to the car after you locked the door. He made you put a blindfold on after 10 minutes of driving. He was on the phone with someone probably one of the lads.  “Is it all done?" He asked his Bradford accent sticking out. “We’re almost there, thanks for helping out" Zayn said before hanging up and putting the phone down. He grabbed your hand, kissing it gently then holding it the rest of the way there. Soon enough you were wherever Zayn wanted to be. He helped you out of the car grabbing your hand, walking you towards his destination. He stopped you from walking and untied your blindfold. He wrapped his arms around your waist letting you look at the scene.  You both were at your favorite meadow that you always loved, you would go here whenever you were overwhelmed. You saw a blanket with a picnic basket. He walked you over there and sat you down in front of him. He pulled out your favorite food, and set it in front of you. He always loved to spoil you and also had your favorite dessert, chocolate covered strawberries. He started feeding them to you then when you finished he kissed your lips softly and passionately. He made you stand up grabbing your hand and walking further into the meadow bringing the blanket. You ended up walking to where there was a patch of flowers. He laided down the blanket laying on it while you laided next to him, his arm wrapping around your waist. For the rest of that day you both talked and watched the clouds together.

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