One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


33. Can I Take You Home With Me .

Harry: You two were at some dinner for the record company, and you were bored out of your mind. "Hello, hate to be blunt, but can I take you home with me?" He asks." "What do you think you goof." You laughed and left

Liam: You were getting off work and an attractive guy came in. "Can I take you home with me?" He winked. "Maybe after the third date." You said and he grinned. "Here's my number."

Louis: You two were walking in the park when you saw a stray dog. "Aw you're so cute! Can I take you home with me?" "Babe the cat would probably kill it." He laughed.

Niall: You were in the club, just wanting to get drunk. You saw a hot blonde and danced next to him. "Damn girl, Can I take you home with me?" He asks. You grind on him, and he grabs your hand

Zayn: You're at their concert and he's singing infront of you. "Can I take you home with me?" He sang at you and you were shocked. A moment later you had a backstage pass

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