One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


7. Babysitting Lux


"Harry, i don’t know about this…" You say as you bite your nails. He comes and sites beside you. " Love, you’ll do great. Lux will like you." You were so nervous. This would be your first time babysitting Lux. “Are you sure Haz?" “Yes babe, you will be fine." He said as the door bell rang.


"Shhh Lux. It’s ok. Shhh, don’t cry love." You say„ trying to sooth the crying infant. You slowly rocked Lux back to sleep. Once she was fully asleep, you put her down in the cot that her mom gave you. “Wow…" You turned around to find Niall in the doorway. “What?" “I just… your going to be a great mother to our kids one day." He whispered. You couldn’t help but blush.


You and Liam wanted to give Lou a break and take Lux for the day. You and Liam decided to bring Lux to the Zoo, seeing as she loved animals. “Lux, what does a lion say?" You asked as you three walked around the Zoo. “Rawwr" She responded. “And what does an elephant say?" “Brrrrrrrrh" You and Liam both laughed at Lux’s trying to sound like an elephant.


You and Zayn were going to pick Lux up and bring her back to your place for a play date. You both got in the car to pick her up. Once arrived, you both got out and headed to the front door. You were just about to knock on the door, when Lux opened it. Once she saw you she jumped. “Aunty (Y/N)!!" She said as she stumbled into your arms. “Hey Luxy!" You kissed her cheek and she hugged you tight. “Hey! Lux, where’s my hug and kiss?" Zayn asked. Lux kissed his cheek. “I luv you uncle Zayn." You smiled at how sweet that moment was.


"Ok Lux, Boobear! I’m counting to 10! Go hide!" You yell as you begin counting out loud. You could hear cute little giggles coming from the closet behind you. " 8, 9, 10!! I’m coming!!" You yell. You could hear more laughs coming from the closet. " Shhh Lux, aunty (Y/N) will hear you!" You heard Louis say. You opened the closet and to cuties came out. Lux was laughing. " I found you!!" You said. Louis looked at you and said. " Round 2?" And winked.

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