One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


21. Baby First Birthday c:

He’s happy but sad. He’s happy because, well, what dad wouldn’t be when there baby girl is happy. But he’s sad because she’s getting older, so it’s scary. But he still try’s to make it the best birthday.

He’s stunned. He’s stunned on how much his baby has grown. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. He is so smart for his age, he gets along with everybody, he is just amazing. Niall’s stunned.

He’s busy. He’s putting up decorations… Everywhere. He’s cleaning the mess that the kids made. He doesn’t mind. He likes it. He like making your baby, and you happy. He’s happy.

He is very artsy today. He’s finger-painting with the kids drawing with the kids. He even made some of the decorations. He loved seeing your daughters face light up when he drew a picture of her.

He’s basically one of the kids. He’s running around with the kids, he’s eating his cake just as messy as the kids. He’s playing the games with the kids, you could call him one of the kids.

~A Note From Tiffany~
I hope you liked it! It was kind of fun to write I like the baby preferences. You can send in requests for Dirty/Clean imagines or preferences. I also do personals. Also thank you so much for the 35 followers! It means so much! Love you babes!

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