One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


40. Attending The Premiere Of 'This Is Us'

Harry: "It's just another red carpet, be cool." You could hear Harry talking to himself in the bathroom. "Babe?" He looked up at you, nervous as ever, and you couldn't help but completely mush up. "You're getting nervous," you cooed, "that's very rare." His cheeks flushed a shade of pink. "It's just the fact that this is our movie, and people will be attending and paying money for it. It's all so crazy. I can't help but feel nervous." "Don't be babe, this film is gonna be absolutely amazing. And I'm sure everyone else will think so as well."
Niall: "I want to thank each and every one of you for coming here tonight," your boyfriend and his best mates took the stage as they gave an introduction to their film. He made his way to his seat beside you as the lights in the cinema began to dim. "I'm so very proud of you you know that?" A huge smile spread across Niall's face. He took your hand in his, kissing the back softly. "I love you, you know that?" You nodded your head, mimicking his smile before returning your eyes to the screen, and watching the film.
Zayn: Loud screams, bright flashes, and cameramen everywhere. Your boyfriend took your hand and lead you across the red carpet, stopping to pose or chat along the way. Tonight was the night Zayn and the boys had been waiting for for months. His arm was wrapped around your waist as you posed for photos, he never left your side. He showed you off like you were some prize, and it wasn't hard at all to tell you were his favorite accessory of the night.
Louis: "This is absolutely mad." The car pulled up to the red carpet, the roaring crowd taking you off guard as you stepped out. Seeing the look on Louis' face, how big and bright his smile was, was the highlight of your night. He couldn't keep his eyes off the fans. "Not once had they stopped supporting us. And here they are on one of the biggest nights. I love them so much." You always loved when he got mushy about his fans. He absolutely cherished them.
Liam: This was your first outing as a couple. You hadn't even known you'd be walking the carpet until a few days ahead of time! You were absolutely nervous! Liam held your hand in his the entire time. Never dropping it unless he was signing something, or posing with a fan. "You're not even nervous at all." He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "I love doing this, meeting all of them, seeing and talking with all of them. It's the best part of the job, making them happy."

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