One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


103. All To Well .

Liam: He didn’t see the car. He didn’t. All he remembers is the sudden flash of headlights, and your laughter morphing into screaming. Then there was darkness and silence. He didn’t die at least not physically, but when he woke up in that hospital bed only to find out you hadn’t made it something died inside of him. You’d taken the light in his eyes and that infectious smile with you, leaving behind a hollow and angry shell of the boy he used to be. Every memory, every dream of you tears him apart from the inside out because he remembers you and your touch and your laugh all too well.

Louis: The five handsome boys in suits sit outside the steps of the empty church where your funeral had taken place a few hours before. “How are you really, mate?” Zayn asks. Louis shakes his head, a ghost of a smile playing along his lips. “Ah shit… well. We knew this would eventually happen. She’d been sick for a while. I had time to plan and understand, but nothing I could have prepared me for this… This pain of her being gone. Fucking sucks… God it hurts. I mean I’ll be okay eventually, but I’ll never be fine. Not at all. Never.”

Niall: You were never his to lose, but that doesn’t mean the loss is killing him. No you aren’t dead, just sleeping in the arms of another guy. Niall had never met another girl like you, another girl he’d ever fallen in love with. He gave you everything, his past, his fears, even his heart which he had never done before. He thought he could somehow win you over, but somehow it wasn’t enough. He lost you, and the pain of that was too much and all too real for him handle.

Zayn: Wasn’t time supposed to heal to heal everything? You’ve been out of his life for two years now, isn’t it time for him to move on? He’ll be damned if he wasn’t trying. He was still breathing. He got out of bed each morning. He still put one foot in front of the other and tried to get on with his life. But you were his life. It’s a fight every single day not to break down, but he’s strong. And he won’t give up because it’s the only thing he can still do for you. All of it’s for you.

Harry: He clenches the fabric of the flannel shirt on his hand, the memory of the last time it was worn pulling him back against his will. Your hair was piled on your head in a messy bun as you stood before him in only his shirt. He was begging you for one more cuddle before you had to go, and you were smiling that smile that could make or break him. “Fine. Go for all I care.” He’d been joking of course, but how was he to know you’d go out and be at the wrong place at the wrong time. How was he to know you’d never come home. He lifts the shirt to his face burying himself in the smell of you, burying himself in memories. He should have gotten up out of that bed and never let you walk out that door and out of his life.

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