One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


93. A Fan Hurts You

Liam: “Can you get the coffee, and i’ll get the table.” Liam said as he kissed your cheek and walked to the back of the cafe. You ordered the coffee and stood away waiting for them. “2 coffee’s for (Y/N)!” Another girl yells out. You walk over towards her and say a quick thank you, but before you leave she asks, “You’re Liam Payne’s girlfriend aren’t you?” She asked, a very devious smirk on her face. “Ahh, Yeah. Thanks for the coffee.” You said when suddenly you felt hot liquid all over your outfit. “Ow!” You shout aggressively. “That’s what you get for cheating on him!” She says to you. “Excuse you?” You yell. This was the first time you had heard of these allegations. “(Y/N)! What happened? Are you okay?” Liam says rushing towards you. “Oh, hi Liam.” The cashier girl said she bashed her eyelashes. “You did this.” He said looking at the girl. “No I-I-” Before she could finish Liam had carefully pushed you out the door, still dripping coffee. “I can’t believe she threw coffee at you, please tell me it didn’t burn you.” He hoped for a no. “No, I didn’t but I now need new clothes because these are ruined.” You sighed. “Well, I think it’s time to go home.” He decided before you were mobbed, or hurt by any other fans.

Harry: “Get away from me!” You whimpered as you the paparazzi were crowded outside the hotel. “Please!” You begged as they just continued yelling at you. You finally made you way inside the hotel where there were fans crowded in the foyer. “Oh brother.” You whispered to yourself, praying they wouldn’t see you. “Is that (Y/N)?” Someone yells and moments later you have fans crowding you. “(Y/N)! You are not right for Harry! Break up with him now!” One fan said pulling your hair. “Ouch!” You yelped as you were pulled towards her. “Ay! Get away from her!” You heard Harry yell as he ran towards you. “OMG it’s Harry!” They all yelled. “Get away from us!” He snapped at everyone as he led you towards the elevator. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? Baby, i’m really sorry.” He asked then apologized. “I’m fine, my hair just hurts. It’s not you’re fault.” You re-assured him. “No, it is my fault. I never should’ve let you alone. They’re my fans and this is all my fault.” He sighed. “I don’t care, the good thing is I’m safe, and even if i get hurt again by the fans. It’ll never be you’re fault.” You said before kissing him sweetly.

Zayn: “Zayn! Zayn! I love you! Follow me on twitter! Zayn I love you!!” Fans yelled, left right and centre.”Excuse me!” Zayn shouted, but of course the crowd being very loud. Before you even realized what was happening your head hit the ground, the only thing you were seeing now was blackness. “(Y/N)?” Zayn yelled as he felt your hand leave his. He then saw you on the ground. “Babe, (Y/N), babe talk to me! (Y/N)!” He cried as fans crowded around him still yelling. “Zayn, go to the car.” One of the security guards said as he picked you up and walked towards the car. As Zayn jumped into the car he noticed a cut on the top of your head. “Take us home!” He demanded as the security guard drove off. Once you were home he laid you down on the couch and ran to the kitchen to grab the first aid kit. As he dabbed the wipe on the cut you regained consciousness. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” You winced at the pain. “Oh, thank goodness. I thought you might’ve been extremely hurt!” He said as he was hugging you. 

Louis: “Hello?” You ask to the deserted living room. You were upstairs and you swore you heard something downstairs. You had originally thought it was your boyfriend, Louis. After you had got down there, you weren’t so sure. You walked towards the kitchen, you heard movements out side. “Hello?” You ask again. Suddenly, out of no where, you were hit by multiple things. A lot of glass and a few rocks. “Oww!” You cried out in pain. There was glass poking out from your body, a rock had hit your head and you were starting to loose consciousness. Louis got home only a few minuets before the accident. Luckily he asked to come home early from the studio to see you. “(Y/N)!” He yelled, seeing you’re body on the floor. He immediately rang the ambulance, telling them your location, where you were and supposedly what had happened. He had checked for a heart beat and when he felt one he was relieved. He quickly called the boys as the police arrived at the house and you were taken away in the ambulance. He met you at the hospital as the boys stayed with him for support. The police told him what had happened and that it was all correct. “I can’t believe I let this happen.” He whined as he took your hand in his.

Niall: “I can not believe this!” Niall said frustrated. “Niall, calm down.” You tried to calm him down but it didn’t work. “All this time, I thought it you had just knocked it on the couch or the edge of the bench. I never would’ve thought my own fans would’ve done this too you.” He groaned. It was true, while out getting groceries some fans practically attacked you leaving a massive bruise on your hip. “I need to do something about this.” He said getting off the couch and sprinting outside. After all your protests and trying to stop him, it was no use. You sat on the couch, he made you sit there worried terribly for hours. He finally came home and found you asleep on the couch, you couldn’t wait for him any longer. @NiallOfficial: I can not believe my own ‘fans’ would hurt my love. Seriously?! This needs to stop! If you were true fans you’d respect my decision. #hurt. Moments after he had tweeted this he had received a lot of sorry’s and prayers. You had also received a lot. Niall picked you up, bridal style and carried you to bed. Kissing your forehead he changed and got into bed also. He wrapped his arms around you protectively as he whispered, ‘I love you’ constantly in your ear.

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