One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


1. The First I Love You :D

Liam; He Spins You Around To The Beat Of The Music , And Pulls You Close To His Chest . You Start To Laugh As His Soft Lips Kiss Your Collarbone . You Both Slow Dance Together , Having The Stars As Your Light . “Y/N Can I Tell You Something?" Liam Asks. “Anything" He Looks You In The Eyes And Smiles , “I Love You"

Louis; You’re Both Helping Make Cupcakes For Louis’ Little Sister’s Birthday. You Take Out All The Different Icings And Such , As Louis Takes The Red And Makes His Way Over To A Single Cupcake.  “Watcha Doin’ Lou" You Giggle . He Doesn’t Respond , Only Handing You The Cupcake He Was Working On . You Look Confused But Smile Ad You Read What The Cupcake Says; “I Love You"

Harry; “Can You Sing My Favorite Part In ‘Little Things’ For Me?" You Ask Harry. He Smiles, " I Know You Never Loved The Sound Of Your Voice On Type , You Never Want To Know How Much You Weigh. You Still Have To Squeeze Into Your Jeans" He Suddenly Pauses . You Look At Him As He Gently Puts His Lips Against Yours. " I Love You "

Niall; You Get A Call From Him , Saying Quickly Come Over , Its An Emergency . As You Go Into The Kitchen You Ask “What Happened!" He Runs Over To You , " I Love You "

Zayn;  All Day , Both Of You Were In Your Pj’s Singing Songs At The Top Of Your Lungs . “I Wanna Stay Up All Night And Do It All With You" You Both Screech And Point At Eachother . He Jumps On The Counter , “This One Goes To Y/N!" He Sings (Shouts), “I Love You"

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