Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


15. Tristan Evans oneshot

 Tristan Evans


Beautiful is how he looked at you. Although you didn’t see your beauty, he did, and he made sure to remind you every day. He didn’t feel like he could say it too much. He loved the way your eyes would light up when you looked at him. Or how you would smile at the ground every time he told you just how beautiful he thought you were. He adored how you would throw your head back while laughing, and how you got that teasing smile whenever he wanted you a bit too much. In general, he just adored you.

But beautiful is also how you looked at him. From his fantastic jawline to his amazing drumming. He was overall beautiful to you. From the way his eyes twinkled when he laughed, to the way he would grin cheekily while blushing, when he tried to get you in the same mood as him. Also how he would sing loudly at home and the way he couldn’t get enough of your cooking. 

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