Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


3. Michael Clifford oneshot

Michael Clifford


Pictures (A thank you for Sofie here :3)


The couple with the camera, always taking pictures. That's them. For every single memory, they've got a picture to go with it. From the first date, holding hands on the table at the restaurant, the picture taken by the sort of creepy waiter. From the 4th date, standing under the giant oak, just stood in each others embrace, that picture taken by the sweet old lady who was passing by, and keeping an eye on her grandchildren, who were playing by the lake. Or from after their first fight, both with tear stained faces, smiling sadly at the camera and cuddled up on the couch, that picture he had taken, after they'd apologized to each other. And from that time when they went on a vacation to greece, and ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by goats, she had taken that picture of them, laughing their heads off, while making 'cool' handsigns and posing with the goats. Or the time they had a picnic in a forest, and where completely attacked by bugs, the picture involving watermelon smiles and hair that were messed up by the wind, he, too, had taken that picture, saying he wanted to capture her beauty. In reality, they were mesmerised by each other, he by her beauty and she by his handsomeness. But also, the love they had for the other. No picture could completely show their adorings, but it could give others an idea of how happy they were together, and the love they always shared.



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