Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


13. Luke Hemmings oneshot

Luke Hemmings




Love is all i felt, as I looked up at him. Today had been a great day, but by now I was more than ready to leave our guests. You see, Luke and I had gotten married today, and it had been a fairytale. But then again, as long as it's him, I didn't care. All that mattered was that we were now husband and wife. Looking up into his beautiful blue eyes, a small smile played on my lips. I buried my head back in his chest, hugging him closer, just enjoying being so close to him. No matter how long we're together, it's still amazes me, how amazing he is. He's the most caring, loving, down-to-earth guy I've ever met. And now I'm so lucky, that I can actually call him my husband. Smiling brightly as he kissed my hair, I looked up at him once more. He's so incredibly tall, it's absolutely crazy. I laughed quietly as he pulled a funny face at me, shaking my head slightly. Putting my arms around his neck instead, I leant up a bit, placing a soft, tender kiss to his lips. He, however, wasn't done and pulled me back up for more. Playing softly with the hair on the back of his neck, I pulled away, once again shaking my head at him. Whispering an “There's people here..”, he just chuckled quietly, nodding his head. As he spun us around, I just kept looking up at him in wonder, biting my lip. He looked back down at me, raising an eyebrow as a question to why I was staring at him like that. To be honest, I'd have thought he'd be used to it by now, but apparently not. I just shook my head, once again looking him in the eyes. “I'm just a bit overwhelmed..” I mumbled, when he didn't give up, and decided to poke me in the side. He nodded again, looking around the room. His eyes instantly landed on his parents, sitting by the table, most likely talking to my parents. He pulled me with him, walking towards that table. Putting an arm around my waist, he stopped right as he reached the table, smiling slightly at his mum, who looked up at him with questions in her eyes. She seemed to have understood what he was saying and stood up. As they hugged I looked around the room. In reality, most people had already left the party, the only ones left, where the closest. I smiled slightly, hugging my parents goodbye, and by doing so getting out of Luke's grip. He apparently wasn't too fond of that, seeing as, as soon I'd let go of them, I was back in his arms, pulled closer than I were before. I hugged his mum goodbye, with his arms still around my waist. He, apparently, had already said goodbye to my parents, because when I had hugged both his parents, he smiled at them all one last time, then turning around, going for the door. I slowed his pace a bit, by walking a bit slower. He had a habit of walking a bit too fast, something I often found quite funny. He looked down at me, sticking his tongue out. I just laughed, looking down at my feet, to make sure I didn't trip. When we got to the car, he turned me around to face him, looking me in the eyes. We both leant forward, kissing passionately. As we pulled away he helped me get into the car, smiling brightly at me. I looked out the window, waiting for him to get in. Looking over at him as he started the car, I couldn't help but smile, looking forward to see where we where going, and the night ahead.  

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