Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


6. Luke Hemmings oneshot

Luke Hemmings




Falling. That's what she's scared of. Letting herself go and falling for someone. She can't let anybody in like that. But can you blame her? When she's spent her whole life letting people in, who was only there until somebody better came along, it's not strange she's got trust issues. But maybe that'll all change when the right person comes along, right? See, she didn't believe that either, until it happened to her. He come into her life, and instantly she was head over heals. He was sweet, funny, and a true gentleman. Although it took some time, she finally opened her heart, letting him in. All she could do was trust. Trust that he wouldn't play with her feelings. Hell, he'd never even think about doing that, but she didn't know that, did she? If she did, maybe she'd have let him in before. She let him in, and he didn't disappoint. He was there for her. Forever and always.

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