Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


10. Harry Styles oneshot


Winterwonderland in peace and quiet

It was a cold winterday in London. The first snow had fallen that morning, making everything seem quieter. Driving out of the city, to the middle of nowhere might seem weird to some people, but for her it was a way of finding peace and quiet. Parking on a little patch where there usually were grass, but at the moment snow, she got out of her car, breathing in the fresh air, looking around at the newly snowcovered trees. Finding the hidden trail was no problem, she had been here alot. She carefully moved away the branches that were in her way, starting the short walk to the small meadow. Looking around while walking, she couldn't help the smile that crept onto her lips. In her hand she had the little picnicbasket, and a blanket to sit on. As she stepped into the meadow she stopped in chock. There, in the middle of the small circle sat a boy. His hair was chocolatbrown, curly and his face was mild, beautiful. He opened his mouth, but closed it again. He too, had obviously not expected to see people here. She braved herself a little, taking a few steps, sitting down next to the boy. They sat there staring at eachother for a long time, until he finally broke the silence. "Hi" She continued to stare at him for a few seconds, breaking out into a greeting small smile. "Hi" The boy smiled back at her, slightly biting his lower lip. "You didn't expect to see people here?" She shook her head no, a little mesmerized by the boy infront of her. "Me neither.." He looked away, blushing slightly under her gaze."What's your name?" She finally got herself together, though she was still looking at him, while asking the question. "Harry.." He looked back up at her, a little twinkle in his eyes. She nodded, looking into his eyes. They were a hypnoticing emerald green colour, the clearest green she had ever seen. "My name's (y/n)"  They kept their gaze into eachothers eyes, barely even blinking. He seemed just as mesmerized of her, as she of him. The became silent again, both a little bit scared. It felt like they had known eachother for a while, though they knew nothing about the other, apart from the name. He got a sudden urge to reach out, to touch her, feel her skin. He slowly put his hand on her cheek, making both of them jump back a little at the sudden burst of what seemed like electricity at the contact. Leaning a little closer together again, they silently agreed on spending the day right where they were sat, getting to know the other. What they didn't know at the time, was the fact that they had just met their future.

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