Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


12. Calum Hood oneshot

Calum Hood




It's the first date jitters, with all the nervous smiles, and the shaking hands. It's the feeling before the first kiss, when both is leaning in, a bit too slow, and with closed eyes. Perhaps it's also that feeling you get before meeting someone who is important to the other person, slowly getting more and more nervous, before the time comes. Also, it's the feeling you get, when you now that the first time is coming, and you don't really want to stop, so you keep going. It's the time when you're asking the person to move in with you, afraid they'll say no, so you keep pushing it back a bit. It's the feeling you get, right before you're going to propose, again, afraid they'll say no, but once again, not let down by the person. Maybe it's right before holding your first born baby, nervous about breaking the little one, who's so incredibly fragile. Nervous is a feeling you'll get often.

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