Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


7. Ashton Irwin oneshot

Ashton Irwin




When does someone truly understand another person? When they've given all their trust? When they show them things, that they'd never show anyone else? Perhaps, but also, when they'll show you sides, they don't show to others. When they're truly themselves. I believe this rarely happens, that someone is completely themselves. Watching. That's how you truly get to know people. Observing how they smile, at the things they love. How they throw their head back when they laugh. How quiet they go, when something's not right.


Perhaps that's what she did? Observed him. How he acted when he was alone. The way his beautiful eyes would shine, when he sat up there, doing what he does best. How he'd laugh a bit too loud at his own joke. Or how he would be so caring towards everyone. She loved every little things about him.


But there were also the things she didn't notice. Like, how his eyes would light up when he watched her. Equally as fascinated by her being, as she was of his. How she would scrunch up her nose, when she was confused. How her mouth would have a slight twitch, when she was nearly asleep. And how she would laugh a bit too loud at his jokes, just to make him smile. He loved those little things endlessly.


Maybe they did understand each other. They surely did understand each other better, than any other person in the world. 

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