Small stories

These will be little oneshots/stories, posted once in a while :)


1. Ashton Irwin oneshot for my friend Sofie :)

Sofie and Ashton


Kiss Me Slowly



”Kiss me!” He yelled, running after her. Her laugh echoed of the walls, as she kept on running away from him. “Catch me first!” He smirked, taking on the challenge, whilst speeding up slightly. He nearly ran into the damn door, when she closed it right in his face, laughing like a maniac on the other side. He leant against the wall, staring right at the door. She'd have to get out at some point. A sudden idea popped into his brain, his smirk widening slightly. He stepped forward, right by the door. “Baby?” His voice said out loud, the smirk even noticeable in his talk. He heard a Mmmhmp sound from the other side, and decided to continue. “If you don't come out soon, you'll get no more hot chocolate for a week..” He listened carefully, and laughed when he could hear her get up. As the door opened he took a slight step back, and smirked at her. “Knew that'd get you out!” She just rolled her eyes at him, smirking back. “But who says that I'll give you a kiss, just because I'm out here, hmm?” His smirk widened even more, as he catched her by the waist, leaning in slightly. “I do!” He laughed at her facial expression, and kissed her slowly.

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