Nobody compares

When One Direction superstar Harry Styles meets Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevigne at a party one night he instantly falls for her model looks and nonchalant personality. Theres just one problem, she couldnt care less about him and his cheeky charm.


5. Stealing your heart

Cara's POV


I couldnt stop thinking about Harry. i know i told myself i shouldnt like him but i cant help it! When we talked tonight it was like he was a different person he wasnt up him self at all or being the player the media like to show him as. He was just Harry a regular guy who was insecure, sweet and caring. I like him that way. I really wanted to see him again and----

My thoughts where interupted by the violent ring of my phone, i jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen where i had left it. It was an unkown number.

"Hello" i asked hoping it would be Harry.. "Ms Delevigne?" an unfamiliar voice sounded on the other end

"Yes thats me"

" I am afraid to inform you that your friend Ms Rita Ora is in the hospital victim of abuse and attempted rape tonight" My mouth instantly dried up as i tried to form a response.

I couldnt believe this was happening. I dropped the phone and ran out the door. I drove as fast as i could trying to refrain from crying. I never thought this would ever happen to Rita, shes one of the strongest girls i knew.

I quickly pulled into a park at the hospital, i swung the door open and ran acrosss the parking lot like my life depended on it.

"Hi how may i help you?" the receptionests sweet voice sounded

"My...friend..ri...Rita Ora..." I tried to get out over my heavy breathing from running

"Ohh yes, umm down the hall to the left room 56" She smiled sympathetically, she knew what had happened to Rita and she felt bad for everyone connected to her. Who wouldn't.


I burst into the door to see Rita lying there tears streaming down her beaten face. I couldnt help but finally let the tears burst out of my own eyes.

"Omg Rita...How?" i whispered "It all happened so fast and before i knew it i was lying in this hospital bed telling them who to call" she sobbed

"I am so so sorry" I replied tears rolling down my face as i crawled into the bed with her. Suddenly the door burst open. My jaw dropped to the ground.

"Cara? Cara? Are you ok? You look like youve just seen a ghost!" Rita waved her hand infront of my face. I couldnt speak.



Harry's POV


The whole way back home i couldnt stop thinking about Cara. I wish i had stopped her in time. I hope i can see her again. As soon as i walked through the door of my appartment my phone started ringing.

"Hello, Harry speaking"

" Hi Mr Styles i am calling to inform you that your Girlfriend is in hospital after falling a victim to abuse and attempted rape, if you could make your way down here as soon as possible."

"Shit... Erm yeah ill be right there...thanks..." I couldnt believe what i had just heard... I felt responsible for this whole thing if i hadnt of been a shit boyfriend and left her alone to get a drink this never would of happened. I mean i guess i dont really want to be her boyfriend, and it was kinda forced on me but thats no excuse. I feel awful.

I grab my keys and run out the door. If i couldnt be there for her then i promise myself i will be with her through all of her recovery. Mostly cause of the fact of how responisble i felt. Im such a bad person...


I ran into the hospital past the reception, there wasnt time i had to get there as quickly as possible. I ran down the hall looking into every room. When i got to the last room in the wing i flung the door open to fine none other then cara... WAIT WHAT?!? I stood there shocked as Caras jaw just about fell to the cround


"Cara? Cara? Are you ok? You look like youve just seen a ghost!" Rita waved her hand infront of her face. She sat there frozen. I suddenly connected everything in my brain. Cara was Ritas bestfriend who i was supposed to be meeting last night at the club. She turned up late. She was supposed to be meeting her friend at the club. She had to leave to look for her. I cant believe i didnt pick it up before!

Rita was being abused as i sat falling in love with her best friend... Fuck i couldnt feel more guilty. She could NEVER find out! 

I had to break the silence before Rita got even more suspicious

"Umm sorry, Hi im Harry...Rita's boyfriend..." I awkwardly stuck my hand out infront of Cara as i watched a wave of emotion pass her tear stained face. "Erm..Yeah...Hi...Its nice to finally meet you... Im Cara" She replied as she shook my hand. She avoided any eye contact and instead turned around to speak to Rita again. "Im just going to go and get some air... ill be right back ok?" She said softly "Yeah thats fine! Go for it! Me and Harry have some catching up to do anyway" She winked as Cara walked away trying to fake a smile. Fuck shes leaving me alone with her what do i do!?

"Hey babe, thanks for coming" Rita broke the silence

"Ohh... Uhh... Yeah of course... how are you feeling?" I replied awkwardly

"Alot better now that your here" She grinned pulling me over to the bed and leaning in for a kiss

"Umm i just have to go make a quick call then ill be back..." I quickly pulled away before our lips could make any contact

I walked out into the waiting room and paced as i tried to collect my thoughts. How am i supposed to tell my supposed 'girlfriend' who just got abused and almost raped that i am in love with her best friend and even worse than that i started to fall in love with her while she was being raped and i hadnt even noticed she was gone! 




Hey guys sorry for the shortish chapter, i have tons in store for you guys soon! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, there was tons of drama with finding out what happened to Rita i hope you guys liked what i did with it! Anyway comment and like and favourite and all of that stuff! Love you guys xx



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