Nobody compares

When One Direction superstar Harry Styles meets Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevigne at a party one night he instantly falls for her model looks and nonchalant personality. Theres just one problem, she couldnt care less about him and his cheeky charm.


4. Stalking me Styles?

Cara's POV


I finally pulled up outside the club. I knew Rita was going to kill me when she saw me. She was super pissed... she had sent me 15 texts in the last hour telling me how angry she was and how typical it was for me to ruin her 'Important Night'... Bullshit.

This is just like every other time shes introduced me to one of her boyfriends, she gets all excited and then a week later she gets bored and dumps them. Its just what she does, ever since ive known her shes never had a boyfriend lasting more than a couple weeks. This ones not going to be any different i promise you.

I scanned the room everywhere for Rita but couldnt see her. I decided to go and get a drink while i waited for her to show up.I walked over to the bar and ordered a drink before sitting down on the barstool.

"Well well well, we meet again Ms Delevigne" Oh god i knew that voice. Its the same voice that hit on me in a club a couple weeks ago. I spin around on my chair to face to face the curly haired boy standing behing me grinning. "Stalking me Styles? Now thats desperate, even for you" I chuckle as i jump off the stool onto the floor "Ouch if you werent so obviously into me that would have hurt!" he smirked "Excuse me? I think you have that the wrong way around!"


I started walking off as a pair of hands grabbed my waist. I spun around expecting to see Harry's fimiliar smirk but instead his face is serious, his green eyes looking at me deeply. If he wasnt so cocky he would almost be cute right now. Wow and those eyes... Omg Cara snap out of it! Hes so into himself hes probably looking at his own reflection in my eyes right now.


"What do you want?" I snapped breaking the awkward silence. I didnt mean to be so harsh but i kinda just came out that way. He looked a little hurt and i felt bad so i decided to make it up to him, i mean he hadnt really done any thing wrong had he?

"Sorry i didnt mean for it to come out so harshly" I apologise

"Nahh its fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to come sit down and... i dunno... have a drink with me and maybe have a proper conversation?"  He looked around nervously. Was i making Harry Styles nervous? Surely not, i mean he has a new girl every night he is like the most confident guy ever.

"Ummm... Yeah... i guess.. I mean i was supposed to meet my friend but she hasnt turned up yet so i guess it wouldnt hurt... But only one drink!" I raised my eyebrow "Ok fine, but i promise one drink wont be enough for you, you'll be wanting more" He chuckled cheekily to himself. Theres the old cocky Harry i know!


Harry's POV:


There was something about Cara that made me instantly fall for her. She made me work for her attention and it made me want it that much more. Besides the fact that she is amazingly gorgeous and every guy in the world wants to be with her she is seriously down to earth, for me that was important in a girl.

I dont want someone thats to into themselves to realise im in the room. Cara wasnt like the other girls ive been with. She was special. Interesting. And a HUGE dork :) !

" Haha ok but seriously how much would you pay me if i got this in my mouth right now?" Cara laughed carelessly as she threw the nut high in the air. 

"Haha well id say a thousand pounds cause its never going to happen!" I chuckled as it missed her mouth easily. I watched as she smiled and continued to attempt to get the nuts in her mouth.


She was absolutely gorgeous. She sat legs crossed in a tight metallic green dress.


She stood out from every girl here mostly because of her model looks but also because of her cool carefree style. You could just tell she wasnt high maintence, she wore what she liked and she looked amazing in it.


"Umm are you ok?" I was brought out of my daze as Cara looked at me with concern. "Oh yeah sorry i was just thinkng about something, but im back now! So what were you saying?" i answered quickly not wanting her to loose interest. "Thats fine, i was just saying i need to head off its getting kinda late and i need to go home and find my friend." My heart immediately sunk "Ohh...umm...yeah i guess i should to.." I frowned


" Erm..well... it was nice seeing you again Harry... hopefully there will be a next time" She smiled politely as she turned to grab her bag.

THAT WAS IT !?! I sat and talked with her for 4 hours... i told her my whole life story and all she could say was hopefully there will be a next time and that was nice! What are we five!? I watched and waved like and idiot as she walked of stopping just before the door to glance back at me.

I suddenly asked myself what i was doing and decided to go after her, i should atleast get her number for Gods sake! there is no way im not seeing this girl again! I ran outside but she was nowhere in sight i shouted her name a couple times but nothing... GOOD FUCKING JOB HARRY. I sighed as i called for a taxi. It was at that moment i realised i hadnt seen Rita the whole night... hmm maybe she found another guy to obsess over. I felt kinda bad though as annoying as she was shes never done a bad thing and being mean to her was wrong. Wow my mother raised me well! haha!


I called Rita but she didnt answer... hmm maybe shes back at home? Well we shall soon find out. 



Hey guys! Hope you liked the bit of Carraray action in this chapter, there is tons more to come so keep reading!  This chapter had a bit of a cliff hanger at the end hey? I wonder where Rita is... will Harry be able to find her in time? Better keep reading and find out ;) Anyways thanks for reading guys please like this and favourite and leave any suggestions or just general comments below. Thanks, love you all xx


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