Nobody compares

When One Direction superstar Harry Styles meets Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevigne at a party one night he instantly falls for her model looks and nonchalant personality. Theres just one problem, she couldnt care less about him and his cheeky charm.


1. Not interested


Cara Delevigne was the biggest model of the moment and had all designers bowing at her feet raving about how much of a pleasure she was to work with, basically the world had delevigne fever. Harry Styles is in the biggest boyband in the world and has girls everywhere swooning over him. They are both big in the celebrity party scene so you would think that when they finally met they would hit it off, you couldnt be more wrong.


Harry's POV

"No louis just wear the first one you had on!" Ugh.


Louis had been trying on different shirts for the past hour, we were already half and hour late to our friend Kaya's party and she was going to kill me! I just wanted to get there already.


"Louis hurry the fuck up i wanna go!!"


 I groaned loudly as i slammed my fist against the bathroom door. 


" Im coming chill out Hazz!" 



He finnaly approached from the bathroom wearing the first shirt he tried on, i decided not to say anything because it would just cause and argument and i really just wanted to get to the party and have some fun.


We have had such a stressful week we just got back from tour and we are having some down time for a while before going back to the studio to work on our next album, all i wanted to do was go and hang out with some friends and have a good time since i was sick of being cooped up in the tour bus for so long driving.


Dont get me wrong i love the boys to bits and we have the funnest time on tour but its nice to be able to go out every once in a while and see other people.


Cara's POV


I walked into the party and most of the boys there turned and stared making me feel really uncomfortable, i was never the type of person to like attention thats why my family was surprised when i started modelling.


To be honest it wasnt really something i saw myself doing it kinda just happened.


My sisters friends mum was a modelling scout and she origionally asked my sister to do some modelling for her then she came across me and i guess it all started from there.


I mean im not complaining i had an amazing life and i was so thankful for everything that has happened but sometimes i wish i could hang out with my friends and do normal things.


"Omg Cara check it out Harry Styles is here!"

My thoughts where interuppted by my best friend Rita. I turned around to where she was staring.

"Ugh. Seriously Rita hes just another self obsessed singer who needs to get over himself"


" I dont care hes soo gorgeous!" She was almost drooling.

" I need a drink" I sighed loudly as i spun around and headed straight for the bar.


I couldnt stand Harry Styles or any member of One Direction for that matter. It wasnt that i didnt like thier music, i didnt mind it it was quite catchy.


Its just i hated how they thought they were so much better than everyone else and that thier looks would get them everywhere.


"Can i have a beer please?"

I shouted at the barman over the music, he looked at me and nodded.


"Its Cara right?"


I swung my head to the left to see a pair of soft green eyes looking at me through an out of place curly lock of brown hair. I nodded quickly looking away without interest. I really wasnt in the mood to be hit on tonight.


"Im Harry, Harry Styles from One Dire--"

"--Well Harry, Harry styles, i have to go, see you round maybe"

I quickly turned and walked away leaving a very sad looking Harry behind.



Harry's POV


I watched Cara turn her back and walk away leaving me staring shocked at her amazing body complimeted by her tight black dress. I cant believe she rejected me, thats never happened to me before. It was suprisingly hot... God i need a drink.


"Can i get a beer over here please?" i shouted to get the mans attention


"Two beers thanks!" a familiar female voice shouted over my shoulder


I turned quickly to see Rita Ora standing behind me grinning. We had met a couple times before at parties and we had a couple mutual friends.


"So we meet again Styles" she said cheekily with a huge grin plastered across her face.

"Hmm stalking me are you?" i replied with a laugh

"You wish!" she scoffed


Even though we had only met a couple of times we got along really well.

I knew that she was into me cause of the way she was constantly touching my arm whenever i made a lame joke.


She was obviously cool and quite attractive but there was just something in me that wasnt feeling it.

To be honest the whole time ive been talking to her i was thinking of ways to get to talk to Cara. I know she had already rejected me but that just made me want her more.

I saw her glance over in our direction quite a bit so i decided to try and make her jealous.


Cara's POV


Im so tired and i have a shoot early tommorow so i should probably get going soon.

I look around the room for Rita to tell her i have to leave and see her standing with none other than Harry Styles, Oh god.


I keep looking over to get her attention as there is no way im going over there after rejecting him earlier. She is so entraced in what hes saying that she cant tear her eyes away from him. 


Although he doesnt look very interested at all hes constantly scanning the room looking for someone else... a girl? Probably.


Ugh this is why i hate him he thinks he can treat girls like absolute shit and its all fine cause hes hot. Well its not! Dont worry, i think to myself, Rita wont fall for it shes too good for him.


Just as i start heading over to pry her away i am stopped in my tracks as i look up and see her basically eating Harry's face. I sigh and quickly turn around and walk out not sure of how im getting home.


Authors Note:

Hey guys! Sorry it ended kinda randomly i have to go to bed and i wanted to publish it before then but i promise its about to get alot more dramatic and tons is going to be happening soon! And secondly this is my first ever fanfic so im sorry if its not that good but i promise it will get better once i get the hang of this haha! Please like and comment with any ideas or suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks for reading, i will be updating very soon so stay tuned!

Love you guys xxx





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