Nobody compares

When One Direction superstar Harry Styles meets Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevigne at a party one night he instantly falls for her model looks and nonchalant personality. Theres just one problem, she couldnt care less about him and his cheeky charm.


3. Cummon Love

Cara's POV


I wake up to the sound of my phone violently ringing next to my head. I roll over without opening my eyes and pull the phone up to my ear.

"CARAAAAA??" a loud excited scream came from down the phone.

" Ugh Rita its so early is screaming really necessary?"

"Its 1:00 Cara stop being lazy! Anyway shouldnt you be already up i thought you had a photoshoot for Vouge at 1:30?"

"SHIT!!!" i cut Rita off as i dropped the phone on the bed and ran to check my calender in the kitchen. She was right it was written in big bold writing in todays space 'VOUGE PHOTOSHOOT 1:30' Fuck they would kill me if im late AGAIN! I ran back to the bedroom and picked up the phone.

"Rita i have to go, ill see you later ok?"

"Ok but Cara remeber you promised to come to the club tonight with me to meet my new boyfr---"

"--Yes i know Rita the mystery guy you refuse to tell me about! Dont worry ill be there!"

"Ok but Cara please be on time"

"i wil i promise! mmm kay byeeee!" i quickly shoved my phone in my bag and ran to get in the shower.


Harry's POV


"Niall can you please just come with me tonight it will be fun and there will be girl-- food there" I corrected myself at the end knowing how to please my Irish friend.

"Ok but only cause im a good friend and you promise to take me to nandos tommorow whenever i want?"

"But Niall im busy tommorow!"

"Fine i guess i wont come then" God he knows how to control me.

"UGH fine! But you have to promise to never leave me alone with Rita ok?"

"Deal" He grinned knowing he had clearly won that battle i mean he was getting a fun night out and free food but i wasnt going to complain as long as he doesnt leave Rita and i alone at any point in the night i will be happy.


Rita and i have been 'going out' for about a month now and its been terrible. I mean its not that shes mean or anything its just shes so annoying! Ive spent the past month trying to spend as little time with her as i could which has been hard since she moved her self in to my appartment. Ive been taking turns staying at all the boys houses so i dont have to be around her all the time although she always seems to find me to shower me with love and affection and show me another one of her 'fun relationship games' i swear to god if o have to play another round of 'what our life could be like together' i swear ill shoot someone. Ritas a cool friend but a crazy girlfriend and i really dont think i can do this for much longer


Im being dragged along to a club with her tonight to meet her bestfriend. She says were going to get along really well but i doubt it shes probably going to obsess over me like Rita. Thats something i hate the most in girls, when they are too overly keen i like it when a girl can play it cool. I love the chase.


Niall's POV


"HAZZA HURRY UP IM HUNGRY I WANNA GET THERE ALREADY!" I screamed at the bottom of the stairs. i could feel my stomach rumbling already even though i had eaten about an hour ago, but hey a man cant control his urges!

"Ok lets go" Harry annunced as he made his way hastily down the stairs. "Harold what the fuck are you wearing on your legs?" i stared down to fully take in EVERY LITTLE (or should i say big) BIT OF HARRY... Some things people should never have to see. But Harry of course wants to show the world his all. i guess he figures since he cant be naked in public, as much as hes begged us to let him, he will show the world everything he has to offer in a more formal attire than his birthday suit.

"What you mean my jeans?" he replies innocently. " Well i dont think you can call things that tight jeans. I mean how in the hell do your balls breathe!?" I was bewildered by Harry's complete lack of care to this matter as all he did in response was chuckle and continue buttoning up his white shirt and slipping on his brown boots.


Rita's POV


"I cannot beleive she is late AGAIN! When she gets here im going to kill her!" I was almost fuming i was so angry at Cara. Typical her, always late. "Babe, its fine dont stress she will come eventually" Harry reasured me.

"Yeah i guess, im going to go get a drink ill be back soon ok?" I kissed harry on the cheek and walked off. "Yeah ok ill just be over here with Niall or something" He shouted after me as he walked over to his Irish pal.


"Can i get a beer please?" I shout a the barman over the music. "Here you go love" the beer is placed in front of me almost instantly.

"You're quite the looker there darlin" I turn to the left of me to see some sleezbag of a guy basically drooling over me. "Sorry im not interested" I smiled politely and turned to make my way back to Harry. 


I feel someone grab my arm from behind. Im swung around quickly and my eyes meet with the sleeze from the bar. "Thats not really the answer i was looking for sweetheart" he hisses in my face. "Well im sorry but i have a boyfriend, now can you please let me go?" i was getting annoyed now.

"Look love, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either you come back to my place with me and hang out for a bit, maybe chat over some wine and we can see where it goes from there or i can drag you into the bathrooms and fuck you right here and now? You take your pick" He has a smug look painted all over his face.


 "Look just fuck off ok! My boyfriend's probably wondering where i am. So cya" I tried to pull myself away from his strong grip. "You're not going anywhere sweetcheeks! Now come on i have alot in mind for you" He put his hand quickly over my mouth so i couldnt scream. I didnt make it easy for him though i kicked and wriggled around trying to get away. "Fucking hell just stay the fuck still!" He was getting angry now and dragging me more aggresively to the back exit. Im freaking out. Where the fuck is Harry!?



Hey guys! Hope you liked that little bit of drama at the end! Whats going to happen to Rita? Is Harry going to find her in time? Where is Cara!? Read the next chapter being pulished soon to find out ;) Anyways leave any suggestions below. Like and favourite please!

Love you all xx








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