Twelve Years Before (prequel to Journey of the Star Bearers)

Fantasy story about a girl who lives on a planet called Starre. This is her life before the War...


6. The Success (and the Failure)

DURING THE COURSE OF THE NEXT WEEK, Xena, Fran and I continued to improve steadily with our powers. By the end of the week Xena had hidden herself for fifty six seconds, I had managed to create and hold a raincloud for seven seconds and Fran had managed to create one. Our Master occasionally popped out of our tent to see how the other groups were going, but was never out for more than five minutes. The most exciting thing that happened was Freddy setting his group’s tent on fire.

By the weekend, the three of us were looking forward to a break. But it turns out that we, just our group, had to come in from nine till three on Saturday, to work on our powers in a special group, with all the teachers to help us.

On Saturday morning, I was woken by Delilah at eight and dressed in my best outfit. When I asked, she said I had to make a good impression with some of the teachers, who would refuse to work with anyone, rude, dirty and/or not well brought up. So while Danny was fast asleep in her loose, comfy nightie, I was in my tight pale pink dress and pink pump shoes, which rubbed my feet. Not trusting me to go on my own, Delilah took me to Fran’s house, where Xena, Fran and her mum were waiting for me. Delilah hugged me and told me she’d see me at three fifteen. Down at the school, our master was waiting to take us inside. When our parents were gone, we were free to look at each other. Fran was wearing a maroon dress with white dots and Xena was wearing a green skirt to her knees and light blue blouse. Inside there were ten teachers including our master. Apart from him all of them were women.

“Right,” said my master “Today you’ll have a teacher each and the teachers will swop every fifteen minutes. After an hour, we will assign permanent teachers for these sessions.”

I started off with a middle-aged plump woman who told me to “do what I wanted”. So I continued doing what my Master had shown me in the lesson, and worked on holding my raincloud for longer. By the end of the fifteen minutes, I could hold it approximately fifteen seconds.

The next lady was more severe. She was a tall, old lady with her grey hair in a tight bun, making her eyes bulge. She pushed me to the end of my capabilities, making me so tired that I started losing time, not gaining it. I was glad when that session was over!

After that, I had a young woman with her long blonde hair in a ponytail. She took it at my pace, guided me and by the end of the session, I had progressed to holding it for a maximum of thirty two seconds. I decided that, if I got a chance, I would choose her as my teacher for these lessons.

Lastly, I had Yann, who decided instantly that she didn’t like me and didn’t talk to me for the whole of the session, except to stop me practicing. Then we had the choosing. Xena went for Yann, who liked her a lot; Fran went for the stern lady with the bun and I went for the blonde woman, whose name was Christie. We then went on with our training. My Master came over and whispered some instructions to Christie but that was the last I saw of him that day. By noon I was ready for lunch so Christie took me into the Cafeteria, which was only used for the students between the ages of five and fifteen, and these special classes. As we re-entered the classroom, we saw that almost all the teachers had left except for the ones chosen as personal guides. For the next three hours, our lessons continued at a steady pace, concentrated attention speeding up my progress. By the end of the session, I was able to hold the rain cloud for five minutes and summon a gentle breeze.

“Tomorrow,” whispered Christie “Come in normal clothes.”

Then she hurried into her office without a second glance. I met up with the others, who wanted to go home and told them I was going to the abandoned warehouse.

The abandoned warehouse is the memorial for the twenty year war. This war happened over ten billion years ago and no one really knows who won or who we were fighting against. The only thing we do know is that they (whoever they were) wanted the Key. I haven’t really said more about the Key before so I think I should probably explain what it is now.

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