Twelve Years Before (prequel to Journey of the Star Bearers)

Fantasy story about a girl who lives on a planet called Starre. This is her life before the War...


12. Sleep Tight Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

I WAS NOW STAYING WITH MY MASTER. The next day we were going to look for some clothes that would actually fit me but for now I was borrowing one of Danny’s night gowns. I clambered into the bed and fell asleep almost immediately even though I had been asleep for the past five years. When I opened my eyes, I was in a giant stone hall. Bent over on the floor was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. I could tell that he was one of us, just by looking at him, and it intrigued me to find out what he was doing there. He had brown waves of messy hair and big brown eyes that made me melt by just looking at them. He wore clothes two sizes to small so I could glimpse a toned body, even if he was covered in dirt. “Sergius! Where are you insolent boy? My shoes need cleaning and the front room needs dusting and what are you doing? Sitting around on your lazy ass all day no doubt.” An angry voice echoed through the open hall, ricochet from all directions. The boy, who I guessed was Sergius, looked up, spotted me and motioned for me to hide. Just as I finished contorting myself behind one of the wide pillars, a tall lean man strode into the room. He had the air of someone who is so convinced of their own power that they assume that everyone thought of them in the same way. He grabbed Sergius by his hair and dragged him along in his wake. “I have guests coming at eight and where are you? Lounging around in the hall with an untouched bucket of water and the dirty floor surrounding you. Help yourself boy and do some work or you won’t get any food, instead 50 lashes.” To Sergius credit, he didn’t struggle, didn’t complain that the floors were so clean you could see your face in it, he just didn’t want to hurt others around him, even if it did mean getting hurt himself. In those few short seconds I realised I had fallen in love with him and, while my heart still beat, I would help him and protect him from any harm. Silent as a shadow, I stole through the house behind them, watching and learning, looking for the best possible opportunity to talk to him, find out how he was here. Eventually, they stopped in a spacious dining room, mainly filled with a long narrow table that would seat at least 80 people. Sergius was told to polish the silverware at set every single place. My heart reached out to him and it thought, I will help you. As soon as the words left my mind, his head cracked up, as sharp as a whip. For a moment I thought he had heard me but that didn’t seem possible so I dismissed the idea. After his master had left the room, I emerged to speak with him. At first he didn’t acknowledge me but then I gently took the cloth that he was using to polish the silverware with and continued the task myself. He sat and watched me for a while, as intrigued by me as I was by him. Finally he spoke. “How did you do that?” I stopped and put down the fork that I’d been working on. “I honestly don’t know. All I know is that I have this strange urge to protect you. I mean, I only just met you and it’s like my heart…” “…just gave itself away.” He interrupted me, taking my hand in his and looking deep into my eyes “I know.” As if by its own accord, my head tilted forward and our lips met. I leaned in close and he pulled me in until we were locked in each other’s embrace. This everlasting moment ended too soon as he pulled away. I looked into his eyes and knew I had to go. “I will find you,” I vowed “And when I do nothing and no one will stand in my way.” So with one final kiss, I was pulled away to my bed in my home town so far away from him.

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