New town, New house, New boyfriend? (Niall horan fanfic) +15

Lydia's 19 from wales moving to Ireland but she wishes she wasn't, She loves where She lives. But when one special boy shows up after she does move will he change her mind or will she keep him out like she does with everyone else. ( kinda like dark )


5. The fight that wasn't planed. Chapter 5

Mum and Emmett left for me to get ready after that you
know the usual hair, make-up.
I decided on leaving my hair curly, and just doing light make-up.
"Niall's here!" I heard mum shout from down stairs. All of a sudden my stomach turned, and filled with butterfly's.
I walked down the stairs passing the mirror at the bottom looking at myself thinking 'no I don't like it I need to change' but
"You look..." Niall stood behind me in a suit staring me up and down "you look umm" it wasn't often Niall was lost for words, he always had something to say, "you look beautiful" his smile was shy but very cute,
"Thank you" I smiled back, as Niall took my hand in his and we turned to my mum,
"Ok have fun" she smiled "but not to much fun" she spoke quick frowning,
"Mum!" My eyes grew big,
"Sorry. Ok well bye" and with that we were out the door.
"You do look beautiful" Niall smiled once again, I couldn't help but blush "Thank you." I smiled down at the ground unable to look at him, "don't do that" he said opening my door to the car and helping me in, "Or we might just have to skip dinner, and I'll take you in me back seat" he finished with a wink. 


We had already ordered our drinks and were sat near the back of the restaurant because Niall didn't want to be around anyone else. As we walked thought to our table people were giving us the weirdest looks, I was guessing it was because I was with Niall.
"This is nice" I sounded sarcastic but I wasn't trying to be, but before Niall could say anything the waiter was back with our drinks, "here you go sir and for you mam" I defiantly didn't like being called mam I was only 19, it made me sound like I was 60 or something.
I thanked the waiter and took a sip of my drink,
"Shit" I suddenly realised.
"What" Niall practically jumped out of his seat.
"Nothing I just left my bag in the car"
"Jesus, Lydia don't scare me like that. I'll go get it for you," he calmed down
"No that's ok I got it just pass me the keys." He handed me the keys and told me to be careful. 
I walked over to Niall's car noticing a few boy probably smoking something illegal over on the other side of the car park.
I opened the car door to find my bag on the floor when I heard a voice, "hey sexy what you doing out here all alone" the boys had now walked over to me,
"Fuck off" I said casually, I couldn't be bothered with dick heads.
"Now, now. we only want a bit of fun" I turned to him, he had the biggest smirk on his face. I didn't like this and before thinking I punched his face forcing him to the floor. One of the other boys spoke up "your going to pay for that bitch!" He yelled walking closer to me. The next thing I saw surprised me a little. It was Niall he looked pissed off he grab the boy who told me I'd pay and smashed him to the ground. The other boys ran off including the one I punched. "Ya little shit" Niall walked towards me placing his hand on my lower back taking me back to the car.

"I'm really sorry I should have gone to get your bag" Niall said driving out of the parking spot, running his hand though his hair in frustration.
"Niall it's not your fault. You didn't even know they were there." I smiled shyly at him. When my hen buzzed, it was Emmett he had text me telling me mum and Adam were arguing and that I should come home anytime soon.
"Can we go to your place?" I said texting 'thanks' back to Emmett,
"Your not mad at me?" Niall looked concerned.
"You did nothing wrong" I smiled which he returned and we made our way to his place.

A/N short I know, I'm sorry :( the next chapter will be extra long promise :) 

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