New town, New house, New boyfriend? (Niall horan fanfic) +15

Lydia's 19 from wales moving to Ireland but she wishes she wasn't, She loves where She lives. But when one special boy shows up after she does move will he change her mind or will she keep him out like she does with everyone else. ( kinda like dark )


1. Out with the old, in with the new. Chapter 1

Lydia's p.o.v

"Can't you stay here and your parents can go alone, or you could stay with me." Jamie said laughing at herself. 
We were standing in the middle of the field on the school grounds, after the last bell had sounded, I was saying goodbye to my mates for the last time before my foster mum, dad, brother Jon and myself were moving to Ireland. I really didn't want to go I had so many friends here and I knew where everything was but no, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stay here in wales.
"You know I can't, mum won't let me, and any way you and Sam are coming to see me, not this weekend but the one after, aren't 
You?" I questioned, eyebrows raised hopping the answer was still yes.
"Of corse we are" Sam walked up behind Jamie hearing our conversation, wrapping both of his strong arms around Jamie's waist. 
It was the middle of the week a Wednesday to be exact, which meant I had to start my new school tomorrow.
Mum beeped the horn making me jump, as she was trying to hurry me along.
"Well I guess this is goodbye" I paused,"for now anyways"I smiled walking over to the car opening the passenger door and hopping in next to mum.
"Let's go"mum smiled at me, as I turned to face the window, to upset to act as if I wanted to go.


My phone buzzed against the wood of my bed side table, telling me that I had to get up, and get really for school. I picked up my phone squinting at the brightness of it, only to place it back there and slowly get up. 
After I had showered, applied makeup and brushed my hair out making it more wavy than curly, but knowing very well that after it had dried properly it would be curly again."Breakfast,"mum shouted from the bottom of the stars.
We were staying at my grandma's while she was away on holiday, and we found somewhere to live.
I grabbed a pair of shorts, a singlet saying 'its only illegal if you get caught' and my white converse. Running down stairs for food.
"There," mum placed a plate of toast in front of me.
"On second thought, I'm not hungry" I lied, mum still hadn't been shopping so we just had bread really, no butter, no jam just bread.
"Alright then, I better drop you off at school." She paused, taking a moment to think and grab the car keys "are you existed for your first day?" She replied, opening the door and walking over to the car.
"No, you make me leave my home, my friends, even my boxing coach just so dad could box for Ireland" my voice hard and sharp, making sure she understands just how much pain she put me though. Yes, I love boxing but I still didn't want to move away just so my dad could box for another team. But she ignored me, she didn't answer me, and didn't say a thing in the car. It was silent the whole time.


As I walked thought the gates people stared at me, boys mostly checking me out and girls giving me evil looks, I'm telling ya if looks could kill.
"Hi, you must be Lydia the new girl." A short girl with thick, dark brown hair and light brown almost green eyes smiled at me "I'm Katie" she finished.
"Um yes I'm Lydia" I smiled back.
"Yes, well if you want I could show you around?"
She had shown me everywhere from the classrooms, to the only bin on the third floor.
At lunch I was sat with Katie and her friends James and Andrew, although they didn't seem like my kind of people.
"Ok so over there are the nerds, see the kids by the bins" Katie pointed to a group of about six guys and two or three girls, all on there computers talking to each other. "Over there's the popular girls or as I like to call them the sluts" she smiled sarcastically pointing to a group of four girls, either playing with there hair or doing there makeup. "And the boys waking over to them are the jocks" this time she didn't point I was already looking in the right direction. "And lastly we have the most feared in the town, the bad boys" I saw slightly to the back of the large hall a group of three boys one of which was staring right back at me. "Shit he's looking, Lydia look away he's the worst of them all." Andrew commented.
"What's his name?" I asked looking back to Andrew just for a second, until pointing my gaze back to the boy,
"Niall Horan, I wouldn't get involved with him he's bad news, and everyone in town knows it." I slowly turned away, even though he was still staring at me.

After the last bell rang we walked outside into the parking lot, and as I was about to call mum to tell her to come pick me up, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Katie. 
"Hey I'm having a party tonight and was wondering if you wanted to come, everyone is going to be there. Here's my number and the address" she smiled, handing me a small piece of paper with her name and number on it. 
"I have no way of getting there" 
her smile slowly sank, "Well what if I came to pick you up, you can text me your address" her pretty little smile grew once again. I slowly put my phone to my ear, giving Katie a thumbs up to tell her that she could come pick me up.

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