New town, New house, New boyfriend? (Niall horan fanfic) +15

Lydia's 19 from wales moving to Ireland but she wishes she wasn't, She loves where She lives. But when one special boy shows up after she does move will he change her mind or will she keep him out like she does with everyone else. ( kinda like dark )


3. Need a ride chapter 3

Lydia's p.o.v

It was freezing out side and I was in a short dress, and the light rain wasn't helping much.
I could hardly see anything it was pitched black, the only time I could see was when a car drove down the road.
I had no idea where I was or where I was going and to make everything worst the rain was getting heavier.
I noticed a car slow down behind me as if it was trying to follow me.
My long curly brown hair, no longer curly, hit my face as I turned to see who was following me, but the bright lights blinded me. 
I stopped and stood waiting for the car to move when it did, it pulled up right in front of me, and a thick Irish accent spoke. "Get in." 
"No!" I answered walking on, as he followed.
"It's not like I'm some perv" he spoke harshly.
It was then I looked properly, the boy that scared the shit out of me at the party. Niall.
"No I'm wet- "
 He started laughing at me, turning what I said into something dirty.
"Really" I raised my eye brows.
"Sorry, come on, I have a blanket you can wrap around you" his smile was sweet and kinda cute.
"Fine." I opened the door and got in.
"Where do you live?" Niall's smile turned sly,
I pulled out my phone not actually knowing the address, showing him the screen, as he pulled away from the sidewalk.
"You were walking the wrong way you know" he paused taking a quick look at me before turning back to the road "you were heading to the bad side of town, that's where people like me live."
"What are you trying to say?" The anger was building inside me,
"Nothing just your a girl an-" 
"And what" I interrupted "what you think I can defend myself, you don't even know me!" I yelled I couldn't believe what I was hearing,
"Hey, calm down" his voice low and deep,
"Don't tell me to calm down. Stop the car!" I spoke harsh 
"Niall! Stop the car NOW!"
 His grip got tighter on the wheel as he speed up going way over the limit.
"Niall slow down" my voice calmer and softer now "Niall" 
He ignored me, eyes pinned to the road. I turned to my side removing my seatbelt. Hearing the click Niall turned to see what  I was doing but only for a split second, as he carried on speeding down the road.
"What the fuck are you doing?" He yelled,
"Well if you don't slow down we are going to crash and if I don't have my seatbelt on I'll die."
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
"Well you can either slow down so I don't die or carry on like this, and we won't be having that date tomorrow." I spoke harshly once again. 
Niall finally slowed down to the speed limit. "You have a weird way of doing things." He smirked at me,
"But they always work." I smirked back wrapping my seatbelt around me. The rest of the car ride was uneventful, with Niall constantly asking why didn't I look scared when I thought I was going to die, and me not replying.


"Thank you for bringing me home" I smiled at Niall as we both stood just outside my bedroom window as one of the creepy neighbors watched us.
"That's two things you have to thank me for" he smirked as he thought for a second "so your going on a date with me tomorrow for saving you," he took a second to think again.
I felt so small next to him I mean I was in heals and only just reached his chin. 
"I know, to thank me for bringing you home you have to kiss me" his smirk appeared once again,
"I have to?" I smirked back.
He slowly nod, "ok then," I kissed his cheek knowing that was not what he wanted, and I began to walk away, but was stopped by Niall grabbing my hand pulling me towards him and kissing me. It wasn't what I had expected I mean I thought he would have been rough when he kissed but he was gentle and passionate.
When we slowly broke apart, I felt lost for words.
"Your not how I expected you to be." His face looked almost confused,
"Well your not that great of a kissed either." I snapped,
"That's not what I meant. And there is nothing wrong with my kissing." 
I giggled at his statement, "your right I lied" I smiled before wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him close and kissing him again his hands immediately wrapping around my waist, pulling me in closer that possible.


I couldn't sleep all night, I didn't care what Katie had said, Niall wasn't how she described him at all, then again I had only known him one day, well less than that. But it was true he was all I could think about, my mind replaying and replaying our kiss, 
Yes I liked Niall Horan.

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