New town, New house, New boyfriend? (Niall horan fanfic) +15

Lydia's 19 from wales moving to Ireland but she wishes she wasn't, She loves where She lives. But when one special boy shows up after she does move will he change her mind or will she keep him out like she does with everyone else. ( kinda like dark )


2. Get off of me. Chapter 2

Lydia's p.o.v

It was around 9:30 when Katie came to pick me up. I was wearing a sluty, short red dress, not cause I'm a slut I mean I'm still a Virgin but you got to dress to impress.
When we got to Katie's house all you could see was people. There were people everywhere dancing to the loud music grinding on each other. I felt kinda out of place not cause I had never been to a party just cause I didn't know anyone. I walked in and spotted James stood staring at me, I smiled. 
"You look hot." He smirked standing uncomfortably close and began grinding on me. At first I was fine with it but then he started kissing my neck, this was not what I was going for.
"Get off of me" I pleaded, my voice small.
"C'mon babe, I just want a bit of fun" 
Definitely not what I was here for. I tried pushing him away but he kept coming back. I wanted to leave. Now.
"I believe the girl told you to get off of her" a deep, rough voice spoke from behind me.
"Yeah and what ar..." James stopped mid sentence after seeing the male stood directly behind me. I didn't know who it was but he clearly scared James considering that had by now James ran off into the crowd.
"Thanks" I spoke turning around to see the tall dark male who had saved me. 
"Niall. Isn't it?"
He took a step closer to me showing off his messy, dirty-blonde hair, his sparkling blue eyes and his perfectly toned body.
"...Tomorrow night." 
I was lost in thought didn't even know he was talking.
"I'm sorry what did you say?" I weakly smiled.
He placed his hand on my hip pulling me closer. My face inches from his. "I said yes it's Niall and you can thank me by going on a date with me tomorrow night." He smirked
"Umm I don't know, I mean I only jus..." 
"Pass me your phone" he cut me off. His hand still pressed lightly to my hip while his other was placed in the gap between us as he waited for me to hand him my phone.
"Umm o- ok" 
he scared me, I mean I had been scared before I was a fighter and my biological father had raped me, but Niall made me a different kind of scared. 
I handed him my phone with a confused expression on my face. He typed something on my phone and then handed it back to me. 
"Tomorrow night" he repeated kissing my cheek and walking away. Ok now I really wanted to leave. I checked my phone, he had given me his number and texted himself, giving him my number.

I spotted Katie near the back door talking to Andrew.
"Lydia is everything ok?" She asked with worry in her voice,
"Yeah you look like you've seen a ghost" Andrew laughed at his own joke before both of there attention was drawn back to me, 
"Katie I need you to drop me home." 
"I can't leave I'm sorry. Ask James to take you" she smiled 
"No!" I bluntly replied "I mean I'll just walk" I sheepishly smiled and walked out of the house in to the cold, dark misty night.

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