Birdy`s Travel Hogwarts fight

The second book of B T

I seem to be alive and my brother knows it. Second wizarding war is about to happen, every one thinks I`m dead, what could possiby be worse? Oh yeah, George and all the other friends of mine is gonna hate me. The dream I had a couple of years back come true.
(This happens ofC in one of the books of HP)
Book two, read book one first: B T 4i1o


4. WWW

After dinner I went to Dumbledore`s office, he wanned to see me and I don`t know why.

"Yoliny Dumbledore, what was it you wanned to talk to me bout?"

"Sit, will you miss Lockwood?"


"I`m dying, and you know that, that`s why I`ve asked Snape to kill me."

"Cuz Voldemort ordered Malfoy to do it?"

"Yes, so you will have to come with Harry when he is looking for the Horcruxes."

"OK, I will do that, but first I`ll  have to tell The Weasly`s that I`m alive."

"I have fixed a port key for you to leave to the Weasly`s house." Dumbledore gestured for a hat. "It will leave about now." And with that I went to the Portkey and to the Weasly`s. It didn`t get to the Weasly`s or it went to a sump just by the Weasly`s. I was soaked, but it was worth it.

I went up to the house and knocked on the door. Mrs Weasly opened for me, and her face was ridiculous. "No Mrs Weasly you`re not mad and you don`t see things, it`s really me." I said and she just bursted out crying and took me in a thight hug. I thought that I was going to be smashed hadn`t it been for Mr Weasly who interrupted the hug by showing up. "Hi Mr Weasly, good to see you! But I`ll have to get going cuz I need to see Fred and George." I said to them both, and then just walked away, I had learned how to apparatate, so I just did that to get to diagon alley to get to Fred and George, I couldn`t do that in the castle you know... Cuz of that... Thing. I had apparated (I don`t know how that`s spelled) Just in front of the Weaslys` Wizard Wheezes. It was raining witch made me soaked... again! Like it was like standing fully dressed in a cold shower.

I went up to the door and went straight inside. "We`re closed!" A voice said. I could see the back of Fred who were leaning over something, probably some sort of parchement.

"Maybe you sould lock the door then, or at least hang up a sign that showed that you`re closed."

"I knew there was something I forgot, anyways you`ll have to leave."

"But I have no other place to go!"

"I`m sorry to hear that, but we have no aah..." He had finally turned around to get a look at me, or to chase me out, but hey... Who cares? Fred came closer to me, he took out his hand to touch me, but I smacked it out of the way. He took the hand away and started cuddling with it. "Where`s George?" I asked him but it seemed like he was out of words. But when he finally got some words it was: "He`s... He`s... On that...Errr... Thoing?" He said, and no that is not a misspelled word he said Thing, no... Wait Thong, whatever! It wasn`t misspelled. I gave Fred a slap and he said very fast: "He`s at your grave!"

"Is it my birthday?"

"I don`t know, is it?"

"I don`t think so... Is it Christmas? Wait don`t answer that."

"It`s Valentine`s day."

Ofcourse, that`s when he wants to visit my grave. He shall not go there anymore, I hope...

I talked to Fred a little, I didn`t explain anything to him I wanned to wait for George to come. When he finally came, he locked the door. "Fred you`ve forgot to lock the door again!" George shouted to him when he had unlocked the door got in and then locked the door again.

"I know but I`ve got a surprise for you. It`ll take you out of your misery."

"Nothing will tame me out of my misery."

"Sure bout that? Birdy!"

I came out and faced the two boys. Fred smiled and George just looked at me, totally shocked while Savier ran to me and jumped up in my arms. I came closer to George, but before I could take as much as two steps he ran over to me and held me up in the air, in a tight hug. "How... You were... Here?!" George said and I laughed at it. "I`ll explain everything." I said and so I did, but they weren`t to happy bout the end of it when I said that I`ll have to leave again soon. "Why dod you have to leave?" George asked, not wanting me to go.

"Don`t worry I`ll stay until around Harry`s birthday. That`s when we`ll have to leave."


"Yeah, Me, Harry, Ron and Hermoine."

They looked at me like they never had heard of those people. I looked back at them with the same expression. "So how is it going with the store? It must be very succeeded since it`s illegal to have them at Hogwarts." I asked, but no answer. Fred still had the same expression, George looked at me like it was the first time he`d seen me in ages, wich was true but he didn`t have to look at me like it was. Weaslys`Wizard Wheezes, WWW.

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