Birdy`s Travel Hogwarts fight

The second book of B T

I seem to be alive and my brother knows it. Second wizarding war is about to happen, every one thinks I`m dead, what could possiby be worse? Oh yeah, George and all the other friends of mine is gonna hate me. The dream I had a couple of years back come true.
(This happens ofC in one of the books of HP)
Book two, read book one first: B T 4i1o


3. Hogwarts

"I have to head back to Hogwarts, don`t I?" I asked Jack and Aber, course they nodded in agreement. Jerkbutts! They were right though, they were gonna tell all the others if I didn`t do it. Ok, so the only problem was that I couldn`t exactly just run into the castle... Or could I? 

(It is February, just so you know it) I looked up at the castle, I was hiding in behind the trees in the forbidden forest. It looked very beautiful from here, like it was the first time I`ve ever seen it. All of those who were in there right now is probably eating dinner, this was the perfect time to do what I was bout to do. And no that is not me running in to the great hall, that`s not what I`m doing. I went past the great hall, don`t ask how I got in cuz there were some security problems, let`s just say that a man isn`t gonna wake up until tomorrow.

Anyways, I went up to The Room Of Recuirement and stood there until the room was ready, it didn`t take to long. I went in strait to the piano and played Hedwigs theme. (You should search up: Jarrod radnich incredible piano solo, harry potter, its not me who`s playing by the way) In the middle the door burst open, but I didn`t stop playing until I was done. Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Neville, Luna and Ginny were standing there, looking at me with huge eyes.

I smiled at them, but they didn`t change look on their faces. They were different somehow, sure just been growing in the last two years. Clearly they had no words. "Hi. Good to see you again, Whats new?" I asked them, but got no response. "Have you lost your tongues or something?" No response, they just glared at me. It looked like Ron tried to say something but then lost his tongue. "Aren`t you happy to see me? Is dinner still going on? I`m starving." I said, and since they all nodded, I went down to the great hall.

When I walked into the great hall, some people turned their heads to see who it was that came. I almost tripped over cuz it was so funny looks on their faces. The people that was already staring said something to their friends so they looked up and got the same faces. And when I cought Draco`s eyes I gave him an evil smile. I sat down next to Seamus and all of those who were there turned their heads to look at me. All of my friends that had come to The Room Of Recuirement sat down. It was awfully quiet here, maybe cuz everyone was looking at me.

Should I be embarrassed? 


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