Birdy`s Travel Hogwarts fight

The second book of B T

I seem to be alive and my brother knows it. Second wizarding war is about to happen, every one thinks I`m dead, what could possiby be worse? Oh yeah, George and all the other friends of mine is gonna hate me. The dream I had a couple of years back come true.
(This happens ofC in one of the books of HP)
Book two, read book one first: B T 4i1o


7. After the flight

I opened my eyes, I was in some sort of hospital. This is not St Mungo`s I thought to myself. A nurse showed up on my right side. "Do you feel ok?" She asked with a soft but strict voice. "Yeah... Can I go now?" I asked the nurse, but she just sent me a look that said "Ofcourse not" But It didn`t feel like I`d broken something. "You`ve broken your left scapula, you can not go!" I felt on the laft scapula. Ouch! Fuck it! The left scapula (Shoulder blade) is my left wing, so if that`s broken then my wing`s broken to, if you remember the tattoo I explained in the dfirst book. Fuck! The nurse lady walked out of the room, that`s when I realised that I wasn`t alone in here. A bald boy was on my right side, and a wall on my left. And there was a women there with only one leg, a guy that looked bout twenty seven who had a huge burn notice, like over the whole left side. His left. I walked out of the room, I so not going to stay in here. Savier suddenly came up on my right side, I picked him up and together we became invincible... No I`m just kidding we became invisible not invincible. Luckily, I still had the same clothes on, and not those hospital clothes. 

I got out of the hospital, and apparated to the Weasly`s, and again I landed in the sump. But I got there at the same time as Fred and Mr Weasly. "What happened to you?" Fred asked, he was really pale. "I was hit by Avada Kadavra, whatever I`ll explain it later. Where`s George?" Kingsley came out of the house and pointed his wand at me. "What was it that Dumbledor told me when I was babysitting you?" He asked me, it looked like he really wanned an answer. "You should know, you were there." I answered in a really calmed voice, ok just so we have this cleared; I never give people an answer if they know it themselves, that`s why I didn`t give him the answer: Be careful, she might rip your tongue out if you get her mad. "What happened to you?" Kingsley then asked. "I was hit by Avada Kadavra, I fell on a house and I broke my scapula. That`s why I didn`t fly in here." I said, and Kingsley took away his wand from my face and gestured for me to come inside. He had a serious look on his face, this couldn`t be good. 

I went inside and what met me, was George on the sofa with only one ear. Me and Fred ran over and sat by his side. He tried to say something. "I`m holy." He said looking at Fred. "Get it?" George added and pointed at his ear. Fred`s pale face became red. "That`s so pathetic!" Fred said to George. "Of the worldwide of ear-jokes you pick I`m holy." I said to George. "I agreed with Fred, that`s pathetic." But we couldn`t really hold it for long, we started laughing. "Well at least you can see the difference on them now, Mrs weasly. so who`s not here?" I said and asked Mrs Weasly. "Ron, Bill, Fleur, Madeye, Mundungus and Tonks is still not here." Lupin said with a little crack when he said Tonks`s name. "She`s sure alright, Lupin." I sid to calm him and it helped a little.

Ron and Tonks came, and so did Fleur and Bill, but not Mundungus and Madeye. Sarcastic: Shocker! "Madeye`s dead." Bill said and was looking directly at Mr Weasly, Fred came out and was wondering who it was. "Madeye." Mr Weasly said. "Dead." He added. "Voldemort can fly..." I suddenly said outloud. "No no no... Tell was there a huge white bird there?" I looked at Bill, hoping he would say no. "Yes, how did you know?" Bill said, looking shocked at me. "She`s my sister." I blurted out. "Or twin to be exact. She were supposed to be the good one, that`s why she`s white. But she gave up the good and went to Voldemort." Surprize!! I`ve got a sister! Shocked?


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