Being the Girlfriend (Sequel to Being the BodyGuard)

*Sequel to Being the BodyGuard* Kristilina and Niall just got together but their relationship just might FAIL!


3. ~Important~


I'm MIGHT stop writing here on movellas or maybe just stop writing this story because I like Wattpad better because you can update on your phone and stuff but I have like soo many fans here ! I feel soo sad :(  ! I'm gonna write this other storty called 'The Twin Sister' it's a Zerrie fanfiction sorta. Anyways I'm not sure if I should stop writing this and just write on wattpad. But if I do write here  then I'm gonna edit this story on what  have so far so you guys will just have to be patient with me and yes I know I haven't written in like forever because I've been really busy :( 

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