Being the Girlfriend (Sequel to Being the BodyGuard)

*Sequel to Being the BodyGuard* Kristilina and Niall just got together but their relationship just might FAIL!


2. ~Baby Steps~

Baby Steps


Since Niall and I got together we made Stephanie sleep in Niall and Zayn's room. Everybod already knew about our relationship mostly because of yesterday.  I wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend, I love saying that! I've never had someone to call mine before it feels kinda good. 

"So what do you wanna do girlfriend" Niall questioned poking my ribs, making me laugh hysterically. I am VERY ticklish if someone touches me I will just burst into laughter. He was about to poke me again when I gave him death glare. 

"Need I remind you but I'm sorta your bodyguard which means ya know I'm WAY stronger than you" I stated poking his ribs making him chuckle not as much as he made me though. 

"Are you sure about that?" He challenged wiggling his eyebrows. 

"Do you want to test me? I saved these two guys lives by taking on three other dudes and scaring off two of them not to brag but I'm pretty tough" I said flipping my hair, in a joking kind of way though. I looked back on the time that I saved those little weasles they didn't even THANK ME, for crying out loud. If I ever meet them again I will slap both of them. 

"Never mind" Niall replied chuckling, he ran his hands through his messy blonde hair that had a couple brown locks showing. "Wanna just cuddle?". 

I nodded my head yes and we layed down on my bed, or our bed? We haven't discussed sleeping arrangements. I'm not sure if he's just gonna sleep on Stephanie's bed or if we're gonna sleep on the same bed, we've only been dating for three days. BUT, we have known each for quite awhile but then again we are pretty close.Maybe we'll just sleep on the same bed? I think I'm overthinking it, I guess we'll find out when we get there. 

"Niall" I spoke up staring at the cieling. I layed my right hand next to my side. He hummed a yes."What if your fans don't like me". 

"Trust me babe they'll like you (a/n I know he likes to call his girlfriend princess but that's for later) and if they don't which is highly unlikely I'll be there to protect you" Niall replied. 

Yeah, but I'm the most sensitive person on earth. 

"You will won't you... but what if we get mobbed" I asked him. 

"Aren't you my bodyguard" He questioned turning to look at me. 

"Oh yeah I don't know why I asked that ok next question what if someone better comes along Niall and you... fall for them" I asked turning to face him. 

"Babe don't over think it take baby steps" Niall simply answered as we turned to face the ceiling again. I sighed he slide his right hand closer to mine until they touched. They brushed against each other than we both quickly pulled away without saying anything. But after a couple moments we both moved our hands closer and closer til they touched and this time we stayed like that. Hands entwined with each others."By the way I don't think anybody better than you would come along because that's impossible just like how it's impossible not like you". 

A/n hope you liked it :) check out my other stories Paparazzi Girl and Two Stars. Keep on voting on which ending you want I might do an alternate ending if it ends up being a tie though.Anyways Bye my Potatoe Minions!YourPotatoeQueen

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