Being the Girlfriend (Sequel to Being the BodyGuard)

*Sequel to Being the BodyGuard* Kristilina and Niall just got together but their relationship just might FAIL!


1. ~Authors Note~

Author's Note

So this is the sequel to Being the BodyGuard go check it out if you haven't yet. It would make more sense if you did. Anyways it's not close to the end of the book but I can't decided on the ending.

1 ending : Sad, there would be another book but with a couple different characters :/

2 ending: Cute, there would be another book with the same characters but they would be married.

I kinda want the first one but I'm not sure... Vote on which one you want throughout the story :) I will update either tomorrow or later on today because I'm gonna go swimming at my friends house :)

Anyways that's pretty much it :)


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