Through Thick and Thin

When he slapped her I couldn't help but trip him over. She was perfect, how did he do that to her? Louis is was really messed up, but why the most perfect girl?


1. Meeting the girls

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Violet’s POV

For one day just one day wouldn’t you like to yell at your teacher? That’s how it was today. My anger boiled inside my head rising to the bubbly hot surface I couldn’t take it; suddenly I yelled “I’ve had enough!” This got me detention. I’m happy I get the next hour writing my maths sums in peace.


You see my name is Violet Baker I’m eighteen years of age and have dark brown hair which looks like chocolate at times, I also have light brown eyes the colour of newly cracked almonds and I’m a really good tap dancer. I’m also in the PBSC with four other best friends called, Amy, Scarlett, Abagail and Charlotte.


 Amy Lucas loves sports and she actually has got in the top five, for running! She has blonde hair that is like fluffy white cream mixed with a touch of honey. She has blue eyes that shine like saphires in the sun. Her sense of style is mainly tights, skirts and a top.


 Amy is the President of the Parties and baby-sitting club and has a wonderful personality but she can be a pretty bossy business women at times. Amy is a sort of a tom boy she plays Touch-foot ball and Tennis.


On the other hand Scarlett Marise is in love with fashion, gymnastics and soccer. She also has honey coloured hair and bright blue eyes that shimmer silver in the sun. She is the secretary of the PBSC. She comes from Newcastle in New South Whales she moved because of her dad’s job and she got a scholarship for gymnastics training every Tuesday and Friday, Wednesdays and Mondays she plays soccer. Abagail Veron is Scarlett’s best friend.


 Charlotte Farrow is a really good hip-hop dancer. She has brown hair and greyish coloured eyes. Charlotte isn’t as trendy as Scarlett but she has a good sense of style. Charlotte is the Treasurer and has no sportsmanship what so ever.


Abagail Veron is Scarlett’s Best Friend she has a great sense of style but it’s the opposite too Scarlett’s. She is a really beautiful singer and wants to go professional someday and oh she will! We all are extremely ‘dedicated’ to ONE DIRECTION!! The best boy band of all time and our future husbands.

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