19 years later~Hogwarts

I'm Lily. Lily Luna Potter. My father, Harry Potter, defeated a dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. At Hogwarts, strange things are happening. Everyone is being attacked. Stunned, Full Body Bind curse. And me and Rose are going to find out!!!


3. Hogwarts Hospital Wing

I feel tired. I open my eyes and see a middle aged woman leaning over me. "Thank goodness you're ok", She tells me. "Minevera is shocked." I sit up, my vision blurred. "Wh-what happened? Wh-where are Victorie and Rose? Wh-who are you?" I ask. "I'm Madam Pomfrey, the School Nurse. Your friends are ok. They are over there. It seems, you and your friends were stunned. You don't remember anything, dear?" I thought for a second. "Not really. I remember Rose's eyes going out of focus and then everything went blank." I sat down, confused. No one else was in the compartment except Victorie and Rose. We would have seen it. just then, the door opened. In walked a woman wiyh greying hair and concern on her face. "Poppy. How are they?" She asked. "This one is awake. The others are asleep. They were awake before. Madam Pomfrey replied. "And they remember, nothing?" The woman asked. "It seems not. The red-haired girl's eyes went blank. Then it all went black apparently. You could speak to Lily, here." Madam Pomfrey pointed to me. "Um, OK." I agreed to it. The woman came over. "I'm Professor McGonagall. I am the headmistress here at Hogwarts. It seems you were attacked while on the train. Our trolley-lady found you. It was only you three in the compartment?" I nodded. "Only the three of us." I told her. Then Rose woke up. 'Hi Lily, who are you talkintg to?" she asked me. "This is Professor McGonagall. She wants to know if you remember anything." Rose nodded. "I didn't tell Madam Pomfrey though. I saw Scorpius Malfoy out the window. Then everything went black." Professor McGonogall nodded. "I'll leave you to it then." She left. "Do you think Scorpius could have done it?" I asked Rose. "He could have. Maybe Victorie is right. Maybe I could do better." You could do better? That hurts." said a voice. We turned around.

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