19 years later~Hogwarts

I'm Lily. Lily Luna Potter. My father, Harry Potter, defeated a dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. At Hogwarts, strange things are happening. Everyone is being attacked. Stunned, Full Body Bind curse. And me and Rose are going to find out!!!


6. Gryffindor Tower and New Friends

The moment I stepped inside the common room, I felt a warmth inside of me. It felt like home. "LILY!" I heard. I spun on the spot to see James and Albus with another boy and another girl. "How are you?" Albus asked quietly. "Um, I'm ok, I suppose." I told him. Albus was the worrier in our family. The quietest too. "I haven't introduced you guys!" James had realised the boy and girl were next to him. "Well, you know Fred." The boy looked up and I realised it was my cousin. We exchanged smiles and James turned to the girl, who was looking at Fred every now and then adoringly. "And this is Izzy Lupin. Teddy's sister. Well, you see, Tonks had a baby on the night of the battle at Hogwarts. She went into the care of Kingsley Shacklebolt, you know the Minister Of Magic. She's a metamorphagus, like Tonks, meaning she can change her appearance at her own will. She's in Rose and Albus's year. Rose has talked about her before, you know. Do you remember when there was the exploding toilet last year that I told you about? Well, that was Izzy. We call her Miss Prankster!" James informed me. He turned to Izzy. "This is my sister, Lily. She's in her first year here." I smiled at Izzy. "Hi." I said. "Hi Lily." She said, smiling at me. "Would you like to go for a walk?" Izzy asked me. "Er, I suppose so." I smiled at her. We walked out of the portrait and started down a corridor. There we stopped. Because ahead of us, was Scorpius and two girls. "Lily. Nice to see you. This is Jaelyn Black. She's in Slytherin. This is Stacy. My sister. I see you've met the metamorphagus Lupin." He said the last bit coldly. Then he walked of, a tiny wave in my direction. "C'mon Lily. I'll show you something cool." Izzy opened a door and we stepped inside.

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