Best Birthday Ever

Its Hollys 14 birthday and she gets to school and there is a tour bus at her school and her friends aren't seen anywhere
Are her friends gonna give her a surprise birthday party?
Read and find out


2. Best Suprise Ever!!

Then u turn around cause they startled u while ur best friend Tommy lifts u up from your waist and gives you the tightest hug ever.  Everyone screamed "happy birthday holly"  you turned around to see your 4 best friends Sammy, Sarah,Sam A, Veronica,crowded around u hugging u and Veronica says "Tommy has a present for u ".They  move out of the way for u to see 5 British and Irish boys standing 10 feet in front of u .Your  jaw drops and u cover it with ur hand and start tearing up and Harry starts to hug u and says "its okay love don't cry". Then the  boys come up to and hug u and say happy birthday and u say thank you. Then they all back up and Niall bringing out his guitar and guides u to a chair in front of them and Niall starts playing happy birthday on the guitar and u start crying  while Tommy comes and gives you another hug . Then tommy the boys start singing happy birthday and after u asked them "how did u get here". Louis says "ur best friend tommy  called us up and well were here" and tommy is standing next to you and u hug him and kiss him on the cheek and Niall walked  out of the room with tears in his eyes. Then u say "I will be right back I'm gonna see what's wrong with Niall".  

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