Best Birthday Ever

Its Hollys 14 birthday and she gets to school and there is a tour bus at her school and her friends aren't seen anywhere
Are her friends gonna give her a surprise birthday party?
Read and find out


3. Best present of all time!!!

They say ok while tommy talks to the rest of the boys u run outside in the pouring rain and u see Niall walking away and u scream "Niall stopp where are u going!"He says "holly I know I've only known u for a couple hours but I like you "and smashed his lips on yours back and you say "I have feelings for someone else already "and he says "I know that's why I left cause I cant stand seeing him hold you in his arms like that cause that should be me."And u say "I'm sry but I have feelings for someone an I don't want to lose him "and u say "we should get back inside" an u 2 go inside and everyone says" holly and Niall why are u soaking wet?" and u say "oh we were playing in the rain for a little bit" and u were shivering and Zayn comes up o u and says "lets go get u dry" and u say "ok" and u get dry and Zayn says "holly u look beautiful" u say "thank u "and he grabs u by the waist an hugs u and says "I want u "and u say" I have a feelings for someone else" and he said "oh ok Sry i just wanted to get the chance to talk to you that's why I helped u dry off so I could hug  you without him seeing "a u said in ur head my god are all of them falling for me .

Hey guys! I wrote this story a long time ago so I decided to post it to see what u guys think plz leave what u think in the comments Thx! Keep reading

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