Wild Heart (One Direction FF)


He cornered me to the wall. "Let's play a game.. Let’s sweet talk. Let’s play fight. Let's tak 24/7. Let's tell each other good morning and goodnight everyday. Let's take walks together. Lets give each other nicknames. Lets go on dates. Let's talk on the phone all night long. Lets hold each other. Lets kiss and hug. And who ever falls in love first?" He stopped for a second, looked away, and stared at me with cold eyes. "Loses..." I bit my lip and answered.. "Deal."


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3. I dont know her name, but I was hoping she'd feel the same.

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rolled my eyes. When is he ever full? 

"Can you take me to McDonald's?" he asked me with puppy eyes. 

I sighed. "Fine, give me five minutes, its almost done." 


After the show was done, I put my shirt back on and grabbed my phone and keys. "Ni, you ready?" I asked him whilst opening the door. 

"Yupp!" He said popping the 'P' 




I hopped of my audi and came in to McDonald's. "Can you order for us?" I asked Niall.


He nodded and I told him my order, I was looking for seats for him and me when I noticed the girl I saw just a few hours ago at the mall. When she looked at me, I flashed her a toothy grin. I sat down on the seat infront of her and waited for Niall. I couldnt believe it. I just knew we were meant for each other.. Like one of those cliche stories where we both just meet each other and we just start to fall in love. But I know thats not gonna happen. I dont have the courage to talk to her. But I know I'll have the courage one day. Maybe I should ask her for her number.. I smiled at the thought of that.

"Harry" Niall interrupted my thoughts.

"Huh, What...?" I cluelessly asked him. 

"I said how was the mall with El and Lou?"

I shrugged my shoulders and took a chip, popping it in my mouth. "It was okay.." I smiled at the thought of that girl again. I looked back and saw she was still there, just eating her burger. "Haz?" Niall said. 

I looked up at him, "What?" 

"You've been zoning out alot... Is there something you'd like to tell me?" He grinned.

I shook my head. "No, not really" 

Niall frowned at me...His eyes widened and he smiled from ear to ear. "What's her name? What does she look like? Did you get her number? Did you ta-" 

"Ni," I interrupted him. "Calm your tits on the questions" I chuckled. "I dont know her name. No, I didn't get her number, and you can see for yourself what she looks like." I smirked.

"Where is she!?" He whisper-shouted. I pointed behind him using eye signal, I didn't want the girl to know that I was talking about her. Niall looked behind him for a minute and looked back at me. "She's really pretty Haz." He admitted. 

"Why don't you go talk to her?" He suggested. 

"I don't know" I shrugged. He stood up and walked to next to the girl. I looked at him and mouthed, "No! Stop! No!" I waved my hand signaling him to stop. He smirked and tapped her shoulder. "Hi!" He greeted her with a smile. She smiled back at him and said "Uh, Hi" 

"My friend said he liked you" He blurted pursing his lips whilst smiling. "Uh, Thanks?" She laughed. Niall came to get me and I was trying to stop him, but to be honest, Niall is a lot stronger than me. It may not seem like he is to other people, but he is. 


Once I was standing in front of her, I nervously waved and smiled. "H-Hi" I stuttered. Ugh, Idiot Harry you idiot! Hi? That's all you could say? "Hi" She gave me the best smile she could.

"I'm Harry" I introduced my self.

"My name's Georgia" I noticed that she had an American accent. I smiled at that, her accent was cute. We just stared at each other for a little while. It was getting a little awkward.

"Oh bloody hell Harry just get her number already" Niall blurted out. I slapped his arm and glared at him. Georgia just chuckled and took out her phone. "Put your number in" I happily took her phone and punched in my number.


*Georgia's POV* 

I gave Harry my phone and he punched in his number. He's quite cute, but I'm really not looking for a relationship. Yes, I know we've only met, and I know I'm assuming. But I know how a guy acts when he likes a girl. It's just so obvious to me. The blonde haired boy's phone rang and he answered it.

"Hey. McDonalds. Yeah. When? Shit. Okay, We're coming, bye" He hung up and slid his phone back in his pocket. "Haz, we need to go, management wants us." He whispered loud enough for me to hear.

"Uh, We gotta go, I'll text you later?" He asked me waiting for a reply. I simply nodded my head. 


"Bye" The blonde one waved. 


I went back to eating my burger, once I was finished, I threw my rubbish away, and got in my car. I decided to go to starbucks for a little bit. I know that I just ate, but I was up for some Java Chip Frapp. I walked inside and told the barrista my order. Once I got my drink, I drank the pure goodness, letting the wonderful taste last in my mouth. I bit on some of the chips, and let me tell you, it was like Jesus' pee mixed with some poop. I chuckled at my thought. 



Once I got home, I greeted my best friend, Luke, and fell to my bed. Luke's been my best friend since the diaper days, and we moved here from Chicago to chase our dreams. So cliche right? I stared at the ceiling just thinking, Im not sure what I was thinking of, but I was just laying down, thinking. 

DING! My phone killed the silence. I entered my password and it opened my messages.


From: Unknown

Hey Georgia :) x



I saved his number, and put his name as "Haz :)" I quickly replied to him.


To: Haz :)

What's up? :)


I heard my phone go off again, but I didn't bother to read it. My eyelids were becoming heavier, and heavier, until I fell into a deep sleep.



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