Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


15. "You bet I can."

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Carrie walked out onto the small stage. I was prepared for whatever she threw at me. Apparently she's not singing, she's doing something nobody will ever guess. Heck, I reckon she's just going to stand up there with Bonnie and give useless fashion advice to people.

Bonnie stood up there next to Carrie. Ugh great they're both going to give useless fashion advice. Just let people dress how they want to. Even though half the people really do need to get a better fashion sense in this school; who cares just let them wear what they want.

''Miss Daniels could you please press play on my phone?" Carrie asked Miss Daniels. Ew, she's sucking up.

Miss Daniels pressed play and then Carrie and Bonnie did a forward walkover to the front. Then they did a back walkover and a couple of cartwheels. They were pretty much doing level 1 stuff.

"I bet you guys can't do that." Carrie and Bonnie both said at the end. Hell no. I wasn't going to let them sit there and make me want to stab them even more. So what did I do? I stood up.

"You bet I can." I say with a smirk. All eyes turned to me, but I didn't care.

"Oh really?" Bonnie sneered. "I bet you can't even do a round off back walkover like us."

"I can give it a try." I said nodding. Spencer was giving a don't-you-do-that look. Yolo.

I walked up onto the stage and pushed Carrie and Bonnie out of the way. Before you ask, I used to practice everyday after cheer. When I quit, I practiced in the lounge room of the orphanage. They used to call me weird but I didn't care.

"I'm not going to do it." I sighed.

"Ha! I knew you couldn't do it! You lied to make yourself seem tough!" Carrie yelled at me while pointing.

I mentally groaned. So over this bitch. I can do a back walkover. I'm pretty sure I said before when I re-joined cheer I was put in the level 5 team.

"Excuse me," I say to Carrie giving her a death glare. "I never said I couldn't do a back walkover. I'm going to do a round off back handspring sault."

Carrie's eyes literally popped out of their sockets. "Y-you can't do that!"

"Yeah I can, so shut up and let me do it."  I put my hand in Carrie's face and prepared for what I was going to do. I took a deep breath did my hurdle into my round off. There was no such room for a run up so using space wisely was a good option.

I chucked my back handspring and I was hoping I wouldn't stuff up my back sault. It's been ages since I've done one and today wasn't going to be the day when I break my neck. I tucked my legs into my chest and hoped for the best.

And the best happened. I landed perfectly on my feet. The whole class went nuts. Like when I say nuts, I mean like cheering, screaming etc.

Carrie sent me daggers and I sent her a smirk. I love when I show her up.


Ugh, could my life get any worse? It's raining and hailing outside and Harry sends me text telling me to walk home. Like why do they have to record some stupid song. Or can't they leave for like an hour or something and pick me up? I really do not want walk home. Mr. Walker snapped me out of thoughts. 

"CATARINA!" Mr. Walker shouts. 

"Cat!" I groan. I hate it when people call me Catarina. It's so ugly. I like the name Paige better. I'm going to call my child that. I already look like Paige Hyland, so why not call my child that? It's so much better than my name. 

"I don't care! Now look this way and pay attention! I'm sick of you staring out the window!" He shouted. 

I simply nodded. Last period always takes ages to finish. Tick tock; shut up clock. Clocks are another thing I'm sick of. They sit there and tick and tock all day and its really annoying. Wow, I'm actually sick of a lot of things. 

This school finishes at 2:50. I know it's early but we start school at 8:30. I checked the time on my phone. 2:49. Ugh this minute is going to seem like an hour. Mr. Walker blubbers about stupid shit I don't really care about. I've decided that I'm going to be a fashion designer when I'm older. Science isn't important in that industry is it? 

The bell goes and I run out of the classroom. Probably will get a call to 'home' and then have Liam scream at me. I rush to my locker, shove my stuff in there, grab my bag and walk out. I really want to get home before the rain get any heavier. 

I've decided that I don't like London weather. Even though its summer, it's still kinda cold and gloomy. In Australia, when its summer, it's summer. Like 30 degree plus days and nice sun. I miss Australia weather so much. But Kelsey and Luke are in winter right now! Haha, sucks to be them. 

When I was half way home, (when I found a map of where I was supposed to be going) a girl came up to me. 

"Are you Cat Douglas? Like the girl that got adopted by One Direction?" She asked. This girl looked like she was 10 or something. 

"Yeah." I smiled. 

"Oh cool! Can I have a photo with you!?" She asked really excitedly. Aw, how cute. I thought everybody hated me. Because that's what's happening on Twitter.  

"Sure thing! What's your name?" I ask. 

"It's Julia. Such an ugly name." Julia looked at the ground. 

"No! That's a pretty a name!" I said. The last thing I want is a crying child near me then I'd get swarmed by paps. "Don't worry. My names an ugly name too!" I whispered. 

Julia giggled and we took some pictures. We took pictures on my phone as well. My new 11 year old best friend guys. 

"Oh my mums calling me. I have to go now. Bye." Julia waved then skipped off. Wow, so cute. 

I started walking again and I was a few blocks home when all these girls came up to me, wanting photos and follows and stuff. To makes matters worse, paps came and then it started storming. 

Worst. Day. Ever.



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