Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


2. Spencer.

Chapter Status: Edited


Lydia made me pack ever so quickly. I was legit throwing in random things into my medium sized suitcase really frantically. Luckily I don't have very many things so that made it quick and easy. Unlucky? I only bothered to finish unpacking yesterday.

"Cat, hurry up! These boys are waiting for you! We don't have all day!" Lydia called from the hall. The orphanage is like a massive single story house. It has a kitchen and all that and then you go down a hall and it has heaps of bedrooms. Some people have to share like the little kids but the 'older' kids have their own bedrooms because it's easier or something like that.

"Lydia I'm coming!" I yelled back, running down the hall. Lydia led me out the front and there was a van type of thing. She helped me put my bag in the boot of the car and then I climbed in.

"Bye Lydia! I shall miss you!" I screamed out the window when we were driving off. Lydia just waved to me. Damn, I wanted her to yell and wave back to me. Somebody snickered in the background and I snapped my head around. I saw Niall trying not to laugh at me.

"What's so funny?" I asked. "Is there something on my face?" I rubbed my face; trying to get the 'thing' off. In reality, I was just rubbing off my make up.

Niall just shook his head and kept trying not laugh at me. I saw a Macca's sign in the distance. I haven't Macca's in ages and right now, I crave it. I tapped Harry's shoulder, who was in the passenger seat.

"Yeah?" He asked me from the front seat. Louis was driving, Harry was next to him, Niall and I were in the back seats and Zayn and Liam in the very back seats.

"Can we please get McDonalds!?" Niall begged before I could even say anything to Harry. It's pretty much like Niall read my thoughts or something like that. God bless that Irish guy.

"Sure Niall why not," Louis started. "I am getting hungry as well."

"Cat would you like some?" Zayn asked me as he tapped my shoulder from the backseat.

"Um if you guys are having some, I will have some," I told the boys. "I'll pay for myself too!" I didn't want them to think that I can't pay buy myself. I pulled out a $20 note from my purse that was in my backpack.

All five of the boys laughed at me from all directions. Didn't they want me to have some McDonalds? Didn't they want me to pay? I'm completely and utterly confused.

"Don't be silly Cat!" Liam exclaimed. "We'll pay! And plus, you can't use that money here! What is it? Australian?"

"Yes it is Australian and to let you know I am Australian if you didn't pick it up." I snapped. Then I instantly regretted it because these people are so famous. But never the less, I was really shocked. Nobody has ever really said that to me before. I've never had really any friends before except two. Kelsey, who I've known since I was born and Luke since about grade two or something.

Soon enough, we pulled up into the car park of the fast food joint and all was going well until some sudden flashes of cameras and people with microphones were surrounding us. This is bad. I'm fully 100% claustrophobic. These people were asking me and the One Direction boys.

"Who's this boys?"

"Is she your new girlfriend Harry?"

Some chick punched me in the face when she was trying to shoo and get the people with cameras away. The girl noticed straight away that she punched me and apologised.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry!" She gushed. This girl was very pretty. She had blonde hair and blue eyes- like me. "I'm Spencer."

"You're right! Oh yeah and I'm Cat." I chuckled.

Spencer and I talked and talked and talked for ages. Harry wanted to know what I wanted and I just said a McFlurry. Spencer and still talked after that, until Louis had to drag me into the van. Luckily she'd written her number on my hand. After bidding goodbye to my friend, the car started and the boys and I swapped seats. Liam started driving with Niall in the passenger seat, Zayn sitting next to me and Louis and Harry in the very back seats.

Harry and I started talking cheesy and funny pick up lines. I don't know how we got onto the subject anyways but hey! I was having a good time. Louis joined a while after and came up with: 'Hey are you wearing space pants because your butt is outta this world.' I laughed so hard at all the lines that they were saying. Liam soon pulled up in the drive way of this massive house. It legit looked like a mansion. These boys actually lived here? Well they are international pop stars, so of course they have heaps of money.

I got my suitcase and excitedly ran up the steps. The boys were just taking their time, trailing behind me at snails' pace. "Come on!" I yelled at them.

I just really wanted to see inside.

They finally came and took me for a tour around the house and they left my room until last. My mouth gapped open. My new room was massive. In the right corner was a massive bed. It could probably fit 10 people and still have room. I'm not kidding. Opposite on the wall, was a gigantic plasma TV hanging on the wall. I'm 100% certain that my eyes were almost hanging out of their sockets, and this was only the start.

On the back wall, near my bed was a double door. I suspected it was the closet, so I opened it. I was absolutely blown back by its size. This closet was better than Hannah Montana's. And her's is pretty amazing. I walked inside and looked around. It was empty and I don't even think that a quarter of my clothes would fit in here. It had pretty much just a straight wall of mirrors in there.

Another thing I noticed was another door. Walking over to it, I pushed it open and inside was a bathroom. It had a massive spa bath, shower, toilet, vanity, sink and another mirror.

"We can go shopping to fill this closet space up and to get some decorations tomorrow if you want since this is just the spare room we have." Niall said.

"That would be necessary." I say, still taken back how big my entire bedroom is.

"But she has school tomorrow!" Liam said.

"Bro, I'm suspended. Didn't Lydia tell you?" I question.

"Oh yeah she told me but I didn't tell anybody." Louis spoke up. Great one Louis, you deserve a pat on the back.

"Well now you know." I sigh.

"What did you even do?" Zayn ask.

"Threw lunch at my enemy. That's all." I say.

"So.." Louis started. "Got any hidden talents?"

"Got a piano?" I ask.

The boys motioned for me to follow, so I followed.They led me downstairs and that's when I saw a big, black, grand piano. I'm sure it has great sound. Looks like it has anyways. I took a seat on the chair and started playing Turn Your Face by Little Mix.

In my memory, all the small things like daggers in my mind.

In my memory, while my head bleeds the words I'll never find.

That I always meant to say to you I Can't.

Cause you Turned your face & now I can't feel you anymore.

Turn your face so now I can't see you anymore.

Walk away until you're not standing at my door.

Turn your face, Walk away, & stay.

Turn your face.

In my memory, I was hurtin long before we met, oh.

In my memory, they're still burnin, fingerprints you left.

And I always meant to say to you I Can't.


So just turn your face, until I can't see you anymore.

Turn your face until I can't see you anymore.

Walk away, until you're not standing at my door.

Turn your face, walk away, & stay.

Turn Your Face.


Each time I take you back, you bring one thousand cracks.

And I accept them like a fool ooooh

So now what's your excuse? What do we have to lose?

Since I'm already losing you.

So hard to face that I can't feel you anymore.

Hard to face that I can't see you anymore.


So walk away until you're not standing at my door.

Turn your face, walk away, & stay.

Turn your face.

Turn Your face & stay..



I finished the song and looked at boys. They all had tears in their eyes. Except for Niall who was pretty much letting the tears fall. Was I really that good? I never made people cry when I sung. I liked to say I had a good voice, but am I sure that I am that good?

"That was beautiful." Niall sobbed.

"Uh..thanks?" I said, but it was more of a question.

I knew I could sing, but I didn't know I was good enough to make people cry. Now, all five boys were crying. Sooks. I did not want to be here and it looked kinda late anyways.

"What's the time?" I ask.

Harry took out his phone and looked.


"Ok well I'm tired so..uh..bye!" I waved and then started running up the stairs. I was NOT going to tell them goodnight and hug them and then kissed them. I shut and locked the door, bug through my bag, shoved on my pyjamas and then crawled into my new bed. I snuggled under the blankets and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


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