Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


7. Ohana means family.

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---LOUIS' POV---

I can't believe it. My adopted daughter is in the hospital. I don't even really know what happened. We were all sitting at the bench like a happy choppy family. Sure Cat and Harry were bickering, but it wasn't real. That's when Cat started to look a bit sick. You know that colour your face goes when it's like a pale white cross a green-y colour? Well it went like that. Then Cat bolted upstairs. I don't even know what I did, but the next thing I know, all us boys were in her bathroom. It kinda escalated from there. 

Cat collapsed on the ground and that's when we took her to the hospital. I started driving, Niall in shotgun and the rest of the boys in the back. We were all telling her not to close her eyes as that could make it worse. I could tell she was trying her very hardest. Cat was sitting there, zoning in and out. 

Zayn took her into his arms and we rushed to the first nurse we saw. She immediately gave us a room and the doctors started plugging in random drips and IV machines into her arms and hands. That's when she passed out into a deep sleep. 

As hard as it is, I'm trying not to cry. Niall on the other hand is bawling his eyes out into Liam's shirt. Poor Ni. He's like really sensitive. Liam is sitting there tears brimming his eyes. Zayn's lips are pressed into a thin line and Harry is showing lots of emotions. Saddness, anger, worry. All us five are worried as hell. We've only been with Cat not even three days and she's in the hospital.

What great fathers. Note sarcasm. 

Quite a few times nurses came in and asked us if we were immediate family and we said yes. A rude nurse came in told us to go away but us five boys didn't budge. 

All of us stick together as family because that's what family does. Family stick together and nobody gets left behind or forgotten because we are all one and without the other, we would be lost. Even the most useless person is handy in the most unusual situations.  What Stitch says and I quote: 'Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.' 

As I was sitting there in a deep thought, Harry snapped me out of my thoughts and that's when I saw a doctor. I gave her a wave, then she got straight to business. "Hello, I'm Dr. Smith and we've got the results from Miss Douglas-Tomlinson's tests. There is something very bad with this little girl." 

What did she mean? Was Cat so sick she had to stay in hospital for weeks? This was very bad. So bad. We seem like the worst fathers in the world. 

"Mr. Tomlinson please stop fretting. She's not going to stay in hospital weeks on end," Dr. Smith said calmly. 

I said all that out loud? Oops. 

"Cat is very sick, no doubt about that, but she's not so sick that she's going to die. This young lady has pneumonia, a throat infection, a chest infection and has the start of the chicken pox." 

My mouth dropped open. Pneumonia, a throat infection, a chest infection and the start of the chicken pox. Holy shit. Cat was in deep shit. She could die. 
"Could she die?" I ask, except it was more of a whisper. 

"She might but if she stays in hospital and takes her medicine, she'll make it. Don't worry. She'll wake up soon, she just is tired of these events that have happened. Cat isn't in a coma which is good. Cat will be staying in hospital for two nights to see how she is going but I can't be sure that she'll be out in two days." Dr. Smith summed up. She gave us an apologetic smile and walked out. 

This was going to a long two days. 

---CAT'S POV---

My body and head were telling my eyes to open but they weren't budging. I'm not in a coma, I know that for sure. How the hell would I know? Well I've been in one before. That's when I got my eyes to open. 

Before me, I saw my five "fathers." I like to call them my big brothers because 
1. I'm not comfortable calling them 'dad' or some shit, and 2. It sounds weird. Big Bro sounds cool so if somebody picks on me or something I can be all like 'Oh my I'm gonna call my Big Bros and they're gonna come and give you what you deserve.' Then that person would be scared and run off and never bother me again. How cool. 

"Hey my Big Bros," I say. My voice was kinda husky and raspy from being so sick. It literally feels like I'm dying but I'm not if you know what I mean? I hope the boys will tell me what I have because I want to know. 

"Cat!" Louis screamed. Oh god. "You're awake!" Louis gives me a massive bear hug; well tries to anyways because its kinds impossible if you're lying in a hospital bed. 

"Lou, she was never in coma." Liam says at-the-matter-of-factly. 

"Yeah I never was in a coma," I nod weakly. All eyes to me. Yuck, I really do not like being the center of attention, it makes me feel weird. But I'm pretty much the centre of attention anyways, which is so annoying. 

"How the hell do you know what it feels like to be in a coma?" Zayn asks. 

"I've been in one before," I chuckle. "It's not nice. Like you're hungry and you want to all like: 'Oh can I get some food I'm hungry!' But you can't because you're like frozen so you have to wait until they feed you. True story." I smile. 

"Wow imagine that. Wanting food but you can't get it and you have to wait. I would die." Niall sighs. 

We all laugh, because its true. Niall would die if he didn't get food straight away. 

"So my Bros. What do I have?" I ask. I'm itching to know because I just want to go back home. It hate hospitals. They make me sad because so many people die here, have cancer, live here and so on. I'd cry everyday if I worked here. How do people handle working here. It's dull, it's sad, but hey! Whatever floats their boat. They get to save very ill people. That must be amazing. Imagine. Coming home from work and going 'I saved someone's life today.' Amazing.

"Well," Harry sighs. Oh shit. I bet I have more than one thing going wrong with me. "You have pneumonia, a throat infection, a chest infection and the start of the chicken pox." My eyes pop out of their sockets and fall to the ground. Not literally but it sure felt like it. I think this is the most ill I have been. And really? Another throat infection? 

"God I'm surprised I'm not dead." I say truthfully. 

Everybody started laughing because that was also true. But our laughter stopped and this fun, happy time was ruined by a bitchy nurse. "Excuse me," she had an annoying high pitched voice. "But you're going to have to leave. Miss Douglas-Tomlinson needs time to rest. Even if you're immediate family, you have to go now shoo!" She said, pushing the boys out the door. 

"BYE!" I yelled when the were leaving and they yelled 'BYE' back too. The rude nurse gave me injections and then she told me to go to sleep. Hell no. I just got up. I pretended to go to sleep and then when this nurse left, I sat up and turned on the TV. That's when I saw the most horrific thing of my life. 


Oh I'm so mean. Hehe.

And I updated the next day! Oh, you guys are lucky and you better love me for this. I'm sick at home so I'm working on the next chapter but it probably won't be up for a while maybe. 

So question of the day: What do you think Cat saw on the TV? 

I ain't telling you guys what I think because it'll ruin the surprise! 

Hehe I'm evil! 



And enjoy! 


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