Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


32. "Excuse me?"

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"What?" I ask rudely. I was not in the mood right now.

"Somebody's feeling awfully rude. Period?" She sneered on the other line.

She's just trying to get a reaction, I remind myself. What happened to the fun, kind, caring, sweet girl I met at McDonalds when she accidentally punched my mouth. Well, looks like her true colours are finally showing. 

"Looks like your true colours are finally showing." I speak my mind. "You're a bitch." This girl needs to be smacked on the ass with a fly swat one hundred times, until she is begging for mercy, or that her ass is as red as a fat, juicy, red tomato. I pick at my nails, waiting for her answer.

"Excuse me?" Spencer speaks. She sounds a tad taken back. I suppose she thought I'd be crying on the other line but I finally got over it. Finally.

"Yeah bitch, are you deaf? Or do you hear me loud and clear?" Spencer was acting so innocent. I bet she's gone off and made friends with Carrie and Bonnie. Those two girls were beyond angry when they found out I was adopted, and more importantly, by One Direction. 

One Direction are their 'complete and utter idols and they couldn't live without them.' Their words, not mine. The other end of the line wasn't silent, I could hear a muffled voice in the background. Probably Ollie. 

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry, get angry, anything like that, and when I make a promise, I keep it. Most people don't but I do. Promises are supposed to be kept because you promised to do something or you were told not to tell anybody. 

"Don't speak to my lovely, wonderful, sweet, beautiful girlfriend like that." A deep voice said back to me. Ollie. Just who I'd guessed would be there. I wouldn't be surprised if she told him things that weren't true. I'm expecting this sort of stuff. 

"Shut up. Like you aren't any worse." I spit. "As soon as I left the country, you immediately went for Spencer. I knew I should've never said sorry when I hit you with my wheelchair. If I knew the future, I would've laughed in your face and gone away. You're a player, not a sweetheart. A dickhead, not a caring young man. Wait, no, scratch that, a boy." 

Ollie just laughed on the other line. Asshole. Jerk. Dickhead. "As if I actually care. Spencer is way prettier than you, and you'll never be pretty like her." 

That comment made my blood boil, stomach churn and fists clench. If I was in England, and we were having this conversation, I would've punched him square in the nose. He's such a player and I hope he never finds love. I know it sounds harsh, but he doesn't deserve love if he's going to treat girls that way. 

"You don't deserve love." I sighed, and with that, I hung up. I can't believe what just happened. My brain hurts from all these emotions and they're kicking into over drive. I feel hurt, annoyed, sad, everything. Life is so hard and some things are so hard to get over. 

Sighing, I walk out of the bathroom and join the guys back to watch the movie. To be honest, I don't even feel like watching this anymore. Looking around, I see they've all fallen asleep already. I feel so sorry for them, they must be tired. 

Not knowing what else to do, I snuggle under the blankets and I rest my head on Louis' arm. I hope he doesn't mind. Soon enough, I'm exactly like the other people in this room, already starting to dream.  


To be honest, I can't remember what day I posted so I think I'll just post now. 

For those who are asking about a sequel, no I will NOT be making one. Why? Because I have the perfect ending for this story and to be honest, I have serious writers block,I don't have any ideas for a sequel and I don't want to drag the story along of y'all get what I mean. 

QOTD: what's one thing you could change around the world? Personal or worldly. (I know this has nothing to do with the chapter but I'm curious) 

I would change no bullying because heaps of people die from bullying everyday and it's so sad:'(. If you have any problems, you can talk to me, I don't mind. Just ask for my kik and I'll give it to you. (Only if you promise you won't be creepy) 

ANYWAYS, please favourite, fan, like, read and comment my baby carrots. I love reading your comments they make me happy on the inside. Ily a trilly baby carrots your mama is proud! 

Also enjoy!

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