Catarina Mackenzie Douglas-Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band, One Direction. Cat recently got adopted by One Direction and the best part is she hates them with a burning passion! Cat reveals her past to the boys and now that she has, she wishes that she could see that one special person once again. Will the boys help her find that special person or will Cat just see them in her dreams?


4. 20 questions and The Past

Chapter Status: Edited


My eyes fluttered open. I stretched out my legs from underneath me. Yes, I sleep in a ball like a Cat. I guess it must be natural instincts... All of a sudden a scream and then a thud on the hard, wooden floor. I looked over the lounge and Louis was on the ground, moaning. "Shit! Sorry Louis!" I apologise quickly, then helping him up.

I looked around and everybody was pretty much asleep except me, Louis, Perrie and Sereen.

"Hey, guys I know what we should do today!" Louis exclaimed. "Let's get to know you Cat!"

Oh fuck. They don't wanna know about past. Quickly thinking, I came up with a solution to not play. "Uh but the others aren't up."

"We can always wake them up you know," Perrie says. "Silly girl." She jokes.

"Yeah," Louis nods. "Good thinking Perrie." Louis cupped his hands over his mouth and took a big breath. Only God knew what was going to come out of his mouth.

"EVERYBODY GET UP NOW CAT'S GOT A GUN AND IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!" He shouts. This reminds me of an episode off Summer Heights High where Mr G goes around the school shouting 'Everybody help there's a kid in the school with a gun' for the fun of it. Everybody got up and started freaking out. It actually took a while for them to figure out that 1. I didn't have a gun 2. I'm not going to kill them and 3. That this was just to get them up.

"Ok so question 8," El says. "I don't wanna be nosy, or hurt your feelings but I'm curios how many times have you been adopted?"

Hmm, how many time have I actually been adopted? I think I've run out of fingers to count on.. "Run out of fingers," I shrug. "Sorry El. Ok who's got question 9?" I ask.

Dani raises her hand. "Who were the people that adopted you before these five idiots?"

Oh Dani, if only you knew. These were very, very bad people. Locked me up a box room.

I sighed. "Penny and Dave. Bad people. Next question."

I looked over at Liam, who looked like he was plotting something. I've got my eye on you boy. It seemed like this game went on for hours, but it was just probably minutes. Most questions were just 'what's your favourite animal' and stuff like. Liam actually didn't say much the whole game. I wonder what his plotting. As I said, I've got my eye on you boy.

"Ok,'' Perrie said. "Question 19. Who's your idol?" she asked.

Ah, sweet question 19. Game almost finished.

I sighed. Again. "You to be honest Perrie. Well, Little Mix actually."

Perrie's eyes went as big as saucers. "Us?"

"No the other Perrie," I say. "Of course you! You're the only Perrie here! When you said hi to me, I was 'oh my god the Perrie Edwards said hi to me.' Haha I sound so dorky." I laugh.

"Wow that's amazing." She breaths.

"Ok so last, but not least, question 20." I breath.

"If you don't mind me asking but.." Liam speaks up. "But do you mind telling us about your past Cat?"

Ah ha! I knew he was plotting something! Well these boys gotta know sooner or later. Also it would make life so much easier for the girls as well. "Well I guess you guys gotta know sooner or later." I sigh. Again. What's with me sighing these days?

"Ok so on the 29th of July, 1998, a little baby girl called Catarina Mackenzie Douglas was born. Guess who that was? Me! I was born in Western Australia. My mum's name was Wendy and my dad's name was David. I had already an older sister, Ebony Jenna Douglas. Ebony and I were inseparable from day one. We did everything together. Even though she was 5 years older than I, we still managed to do everything together. Everything was peaches and cream for the first 5 years of my life. Even though I had school, it  They were great those years. We had started dancing and cheerleading. Before you say 'oh the ones with the pom-poms.' No, all star cheerleading. With stunts and tumbling and all. We had great times in cheer." I took a big breath. This was a touchy subject, but I could get through this.

"That's when something tragic happened. When my sister was 10, she got accepted into some crazy rich, posh, smart boarding school. My parent didn't need to worry about money because Ebony got this amazing scholarship that took care of all her school years. My parents were sad that their first baby had left them, but they grew out of it. Me? Well I was completely beside myself. The closest thing to a best friend had left. I never really grew out of it. Then when I thought life couldn't get any worse, my mother died in a horrible car crash. Looking back now, I don't even know how I handled all this shit. That's when...that's once caring, happy, smiley father changed. He started to turn to alcohol and drugs. I was left to do all the house chores everyday when I got home from school. He started from simple, hurtful words to complete beatings and sometimes rape. Heck, I was seven years old! SEVEN FUCKING YEARS OLD!" I shout. A tear slipped out and I quickly wiped it away. I never cry. Ever.

"When I was eight, my father got arrested. Then, I had to quit cheer and dance. How did he pay for cheer and dance when it costs so much? I have no clue. I was sent to an orphanage. It was terrible there and the older kids found out I wasn't a virgin anymore. They teased me about it, even though it wasn't my fault. When I was around nine, I got adopted by a lovely old couple. They bought me anything that my little heart desired. That's when I got the very first iPod touch, and it's been my buddy ever since. I started cheer again and I was instantly put in the level 5 team, Top Gun. Fair to say, I was great for my age. Then when everything seemed like peaches and cream again, disaster struck after 3 months of being adopted. The old couple died in their sleep. I was forced into orphanage again. I was forced to give up cheer. Again.

"I had Christmas at a new orphanage and to be honest, it wasn't any better than the first home. It was worse. But not long after I was adopted again. By a woman in her thirties. Her name was Quinn. Quinn seemed fairly nice but oh boy. I was so wrong. She wasn't any better than my father. She beat me and abused me. One time she threw boiled water on the underneath of my forearm."

I turned over my arm and showed everybody the great big scar. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

"Shortly after that, I was shoved into another orphanage. This orphanage however, was run by an old lady and her granddaughter. It was full of love and kindness and they didn't mind one bit that I was so shy and scared of people. They let me warm up in my own time. By this time I was almost 11. I had lived with Quinn's abuse for so long. One day, a young couple came in and were looking for a child to adopt, since the woman couldn't have children during an accident when she was young. And what a guess. They adopted me. The man's name was Blair and the woman's name was Milly. Blair and Milly. Milly was nice, but Blair was not. Whenever Milly was out, asleep or simply not in the room, he abused me. And one day, he put me back up for adoption without Milly knowing.

"I got adopted in and out to the point when nobody wanted me anymore. That's when the best option for me was to move countries and see if anyone wanted me. I picked personally picked London because I made a promise to myself that when I turned eighteen, I would move to England and for fill my dreams. It was about a week and half before I moved here and that's when you guys adopted me. Now you know my story." I breathed.

 I felt my cheeks and they were wet. I hadn't even noticed that I was crying. After telling these ten people my past, it felt like one million pounds were lifted off my shoulders.

And I liked it that way.

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