Chinese Secretary

Officialdom novel culture through support to official standards on the core of the bureaucratic sub-culture of the literary perspective,cultural patterns of conduct of the official character of the artistic,truly reveals the charm of official culture of rights.Turbidity appears in the official text of casual narrative the writer deeply hidden secret anguish culture and cultural anxiety.

Unlike Western politicians, who write memoirs after leaving official posts, the Chinese writer-officials have woven their experiences and perceptions into a form of fiction and they are writing stories in the spare time in their official jobs.


1. HuNan Daily


Don picked up his mobile, a loud shout came in the ear, like a man who depressed for a long time and reaches climax sounds.

Zhao Shi-Lun's voice is hoarse and sharp on the phone sounded like some kind of sharp scraping iron. Don have to move the phone away from his ear as far as possible.

Even so, the voice of  Zhao Shi-lun  is still looked very strong, super penetration, for Don, It's feels like sound waves seem to be shaken up. Zhao said, "you do not know what the discipline of the organization, aren't you? Two years ago, The propagandistic department promulgated regulations, your out of mind? What the fuck is deliberately to get me in trouble, or you want obsessed with the limelight?"

On eloquence, the Zhao Shi-lun certainly can not be compared with Don. For Mr. Zhao, Don would like to say, in fact, abuse is a way to cover up the lack of wisdom with shrill clamor. As an chelf editor, how able to position themselves at the level of the street bitch? Authority vulgar as poor performance, style, performance connotation of ignorance, you are not only shame for the newspaper, also lost in the face of journalism.  

Don received this phone is in Wu San-You's office, he is the chairman of Yong Kang Liquor Company in Yue Yang City. Zhao Shi-lun screaming on the phone, said: "Son of bitch, no wonder your wife is a slut, you give a shit when she fulling around with another dicks, you know that !" Don did not say anything. After all, in front of someone else, He did not want to argue with his boss on the phone, he would like to give himself a little bit of dignity.

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